Texila American University -is it legitimate?

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by laferney, Dec 13, 2014.

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    I don't know of the school, and don't claim to offer any definitive information, but what I can find on it seems questionable. I also can't imagine being able to acquire licensure and practice with a degree earned from that institution.
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    The "medical school" has no affiliations with US hospitals. Without an internship and residency you're not going to practice medicine in the USA.
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    Like what?

    Why not?

    The scare quotes are misplaced. Regardless of its affiliations with institutions in a foreign country (by which I mean the U.S.), it's a real school.

    TAU seems to think they can offer these things.

    To be clear, I would personally sooner recommend Ross or St. George's to those looking for a Caribbean medical school so to practice in the U.S. And I realize some medical schools in the Caribbean are not useful to those interested in the U.S., and that some of them are questionable in general. But I think some of the statements being thrown out here about TAU deserve more substantiation.
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    Interesting that it says it is affiliated with Concordia College in the US - an RA school.
  6. chorizo

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    Seriously at this point, unless the medical school is approved by the state of California, run like hell, even from its other programs, its not worth it. Now if it is a medical school, which this is not, mainly for the local population, it might be a different story.
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    Huh? What do you mean by not being approved by California? :grumble: please elaborate a bit more, your post is confusing.:boggled:
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    In order to practice medicine in California, you must be a graduate of a medical school that is approved by the Medical Board of California. The CA Medical Board maintains an extensive list of approved medical schools worldwide; the list is posted online, so it is very easy to check. People sometimes use this list as a way to evaluate the credibility of foreign medical schools.

    Texila American University (in Guyana) is not on the list, so a medical degree from this school would not be acceptable for practicing medicine in California. Some other states also use the California list, so a TAU medical degree is probably ineligible in those states too. California does accept Guyanese medical degrees, but only from the University of Guyana, not TAU.

    This does not necessarily mean that TAU medical degrees are unacceptable in every state. And it doesn't necessarily mean that other kinds of TAU degrees are unacceptable, in California or elsewhere.
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    Thanks CalDog! I stand corrected, I did not know. You learn something new everyday.:yikes:
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    I am happy to admit that I have a strong tendency to shoot first and ask questions later (if ever). I don't see this changing in the near future.:no:
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    Do a search on the school and report back to us what you find. Also, please refer to what CalDog says on post #8.

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    I'd assumed you already did that, since you expressed an opinion about it.

    I assume you mean that it's not on California's list, which is true, although one actually can practice in California with such a degree, if one has first practiced in another state for ten years without incident. But that sequence of events obviously doesn't work for everyone, which is one reason why (as you quoted) I said I'd personally recommend Ross or St. George's instead.

    Look, my goal here is not to say that TAU is great. I don't know that it is or isn't. But I do know that it's a real school, and generally speaking I just don't think it's fair to criticize schools other than from a position of information.
  15. SurfDoctor

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    Steve, you still didn't tell us what you found on the school by doing a web search. I'm interested to know what you find.
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    When did I say I was going to do that? You came in with opinions about them, I asked you why, and ever since you've been asking about my research on them?

    I suppose I did say that they were a real school, so to be fair I'll explain that the reason I did that is that they're a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities. That wasn't really from a web search, I just sort of habitually check ACU's site whenever schools in the Commonwealth come up. (Novadar, that's https://www.acu.ac.uk/membership/acu-members/ in case you want to add that to your collection.)
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    I'm trying to puzzle out the connection with Ghana. One page at tauedu.org is headlined, "On spot Admission/Walk in Ghana." The phone numbers provided at tauedu.org have a 233 country code, which is Ghana. And most curiously, the university's Skype address is given as "benjamin.turkson." Here is that gentleman's rather odd (my opinion) FaceBook page: https://www.facebook.com/benjamin.turkson.1 -- a Ghanaian gentleman who is "single and searching." And Wikipedia talks about the university being owned from Hong Kong. Many mysteries here, I think.
  19. SteveFoerster

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    I wouldn't be surprised to find that they get many of their students from South Asia and Africa, so it seems most likely that the person in Ghana is a contracted recruiter. Many economically developing countries have a strong education agent industry; British and Australian universities in particular are full of students they've recruited. Unless they link to the guy's Facebook profile on the TAU site, I'm not sure its relevance.

    As for the university being owned by a company in Hong Kong, that doesn't seem any more mysterious than that Ross is owned by a company in the U.S. (DeVry, nowadays), or that various schools worldwide are owned by Laureate.
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    Texila American University is an "accredited member" of the International Association for Distance Learning, IADL, apparently. I don't know what it means to be an accredited member but I see that Bircham International University, Calamus International University, Commonwealth University, Newton Hills University of Science and Technology, West Coast University, West Coast Institute of Management and Technology, University of Western California, St Clements University, Intercultural Open University Foundation and LIGS University are, or have been members of the IADL.

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