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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by blaketots, Jun 2, 2005.

  1. blaketots

    blaketots New Member

    I just received an e-mail message from TAMU-C 5 mintues ago annoucning additional fees in their online programs. The out-of-state tution is already almost $500 per credit hour and now they will be adding an additional $40 to that in "distance ed fees". I think their program is growing and they see an opportunity to bring in some money.

    I don't agree with the new fees and am glad that I finished before this was implemented.

    Dear Student,

    Texas A&M University-Commerce provides instruction in both on- and off-campus settings. Delivery of off-campus instruction via two-way video or the Internet entails special delivery costs. These costs are passed on to users and the fees collected are reinvested in the distance programs.

    Beginning with the fall semester, Texas A&M University – Commerce will asses a distance education fee of $40 per semester credit hour in addition to regular tuition and fees for courses delivered via the internet or by interactive video (televised instruction) at an off-campus receiving site.
  2. Tireman44

    Tireman44 member

    The University of Houston is instituting a 5 percent across the board raise in tuition as well. I am not sure about Texas A&M or the University of Texas system, but we still ( students at UH) dont know how much our tuition will rise. It is not fair, but what can one do.
  3. CoachTurner

    CoachTurner Member

    Should follow with:

    "that are far lower than traditional classroom delivery methods."

    Maybe someone should explain to them that while it is perfectly ok for them to raise fees for whatever reason they like -- it makes them look very stupid (or at least ignorant) to try to convince us that the fees are needed because of "special delivery costs".

  4. iquagmire

    iquagmire Member

    Nova recently raised their masters tuition to 585 per credit hour and then added a $93.75 per course student services fee!!! I just want to know what student services I am able to participate in online?
  5. novemberdude

    novemberdude New Member

    One thing I like about the TAMU-Commerce MBA program is the fact that it comes with the Texas A&M name recognition. On the other hand, it starts to get pricey. Frankly, I realize that it's still not bad, but it's no longer a bargain either.

    Plus one gets concerned that by the time graduation comes the fees will be another $50 a credit hour. It starts to get hard to justify.
  6. Rivers

    Rivers New Member

    Well that puts the nail in the coffin for me going to TAMU-Commerce! I was going to try and swing the $485/credit but at 535 it is getting a bit rich,considering as novemberdude points out,they will most likely go up one more time before I graduate!
  7. indn_outlw

    indn_outlw New Member

    blaketots -

    I am interested in TAMU-C. Since you have been attending, I have some questions -

    1. What do you think the strong points of TAMU-C are?
    2. During your tenure how many times and how much (%) has the tuition gone up?
    3. How do you like the instructors? Better than UMUC?

    I am also considering Colo State. Want to make sure that I make the right choice (as right as possible).

    Thanks very much.
  8. mcdirector

    mcdirector New Member

    Well, this is timely. I'm just about to start the MTL program at IUS and I get my bill. When I first inquired about the program it was 140 an hour -- but classes are 4 hours. Even at that, the 140 was a nice deal. This is a special rate for students taking online classes only. There were some snafus getting started -- like them listing a school I didn't attend for a needed transcript AND I had a transcript get lost in the mail -- so I didn't get to start this summer. In the mean time, tuition went up to 175 an hour and I found out they charge a $25 fee per hour for online classes. I got no notification of the increase and their etuition page is quite out of date. I also do NOT understand why a school would offer a special rate for an option and then charge a fee for utilizing that option.

    Cost isn't the only reason I chose IUS, but it was one of the reasons. They've also dropped a couple of the courses that I was interested in. So here I sit -- ready start and not sure I want to any more . . .
  9. w_parker

    w_parker New Member

    Morehead State University recently raised their tuition from $411 to $465 per hour for their MBA program. Still fairly cheap for an AACSB program.

  10. MichaelR

    MichaelR Member

    I remember when TAMU-C was known as East Texas State University. I also remember about 3 or 4 students getting run over trying to cross the freeway that divided the dorms from the campus... We had a tunnel, but i think i am the only one that used it.
  11. BoogieRambler

    BoogieRambler Member

    I cannot say that the increase has caused me any hardships, but understand that some students feel the pinch.

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