Tennessee seeks to promote Veteran enrollment

Discussion in 'Military-related education topics' started by Kizmet, Jan 2, 2019.

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    If they really want to promote veteran enrollment (and this goes for all states), they should do like South Dakota and Connecticut and offer free tuition to ALL veterans with no strings attached. South Dakota give veterans - from ANY time period - free tuition at public universities at the rate of one month of free tuition for each month of time served on active duty, with the minimum amount of free tuition being 12 months. The only downside is that this is restricted to undergraduate study.

    Connecticut also gives any qualifying veteran free tuition (but not fees) at public colleges and universities. The hitch is that by the time of admission to the college they applied to, the veteran has to have provided proof of establishing domicile in Connecticut. But, the proof requirement isn't hard. A Connecticut driver's license is acceptable. And, there's no time frame for how long the veteran has to have lived in CT before applying for the free tuition.

    As much as I like, and may prefer online courses, you can't beat free.
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