Tell me about the GRE!!!!

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  1. eilla05

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    For those of you who have taken it... Tell me what type of questions are on it? How hard is it? How long did it take you etc?

    I could potentially be taking it and im wondering what I am in for!
  2. Ian Anderson

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  3. Doug

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    Has anyone looked at credible evidence of value of GRE/GMAT? Some grad programs are dropping the requirement? I know many traditional grad programs use these entry score statistics to shore up school ranking. I'm not convinced that high scores translates to higher quality students through degree completion.
  4. HikaruBr

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    Keep in mind that the GRE will be different from August 2011 on.
  5. truckie270

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    Spend most of your study time on GRE vocabulary words and math. Any GRE study guide will give you an indication of the types of questions.
  6. AUTiger00

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    How is it changing?
  7. djacks24

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    Not trying to hijack, but what about the GMAT?

    For the program I'm looking at:

    Admission is granted to graduates of accredited colleges and universities whose GPA and GRE or GMAT scores indicate an aptitude for advanced study in computer information systems. Minimum requirements are a GRE (verbal and quantitative) score of 900, or a GMAT score of 450, and an undergraduate GPA of either 2.75 overall or 3.0 for the last half of undergraduate study.

    Students may qualify for conditional admission with an index of 950 or higher where the index is computed as GPA * 200 + GMAT score or GPA * 400 + GRE score (verbal and quantitative) >=1900. Contact the Graduate Programs office (734.487.4444 or [email protected]) for more information
  8. ITJD

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    Tell me about the GRE

    Tell me about the GMAT

    This public service announcement brought to you by the letter G (oogle) and the number 3 (www)

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