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    Since this a largely degree-focused board, it is interesting to note that some authors have indirectly connected the SVB Banking Crisis to a move away from the humanities and the type of learning that they instill;

    "Perhaps this week’s financial turmoil could have been avoided if Greg Becker, the CEO of the just-shuttered Silicon Valley Bank, had studied the humanities at Indiana University instead of majoring in business."

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    Looked up the history - the original Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corp. seems to have just morphed into a new holding co. No indication of any failures or going out of business since founding in 1865.

    Maybe there is a reason, somewhere, but I can't readily see one, as to why I can't redeem those notes today.,,, maybe not for $1000+ but at least for something. My two old notes were among an assortment of 50 different I bought for $8. Working on this could become a new hobby for me... :)

    Here's the history of HSBC was born from one,between Europe, India and China.

    And an apology. I was wrong. My notes from Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corp. are for $10 and $20 - Hong Kong Dollars. That's peanuts. I have ONE ONLY note denominated in Customs Gold Units - and it's from the Central Bank of China... Shanghai. You can bet I won't be going after THEM! :eek:
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    I cannot with him.
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    Hm. Seens SVB, Silvergate, and Signature all took some serious crypto related hits before collapsing.
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    Jim Cramer is a very talkative guy. It's been said if there were no Internet or media, he'd go door to door with his message.
    What Cramer DOESN'T talk about is the time(s) when his advice has gone HORRIBLY wrong.

    I dislike Cramer for his constant, overconfident "rah rah," over-caffeinated approach -which often continues unabated, when he's been proven dead wrong. Warren Buffett is more my kind of investor. And I'll listen to Tan Sri Dr. Mohd Daud Bakar any day, over Jim Cramer.

    Google: "Mohd Daud Bakar, an eminent Shariah scholar, is widely recognised for his contributions to the development of the global Islamic finance industry. Tan Sri Dr. Mohd Daud Bakar currently serves as Chairman of the Shariah Advisory Council for both Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) and the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC)"
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    An investigative autopsy is coming. Regulatory medical examiners.
    Who knew what when? Where was the management of SVP?

    Golden Sachs was buying huge treasury position from SVB last week. Making huge profits.
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    1. That part!
    2. Yes, (agree).

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