Teaching with DETC accreditation

Discussion in 'Online & DL Teaching' started by shanerdaner, Sep 26, 2010.

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    The graduate school world is many times open to negotiation and timing. You have a perfect valid degree that was accepted by Capella. Good for you, I congratulate you in your achievement.
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    We know, or at least most of us do. One of the folks who used to post regularly here earned a PhD from Capella and is now on the tenure track at a traditional university.
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    This is a pretty interesting thread.

    I was flipping through the history and thought it might be fun to try to track down an FBI employee with an NA degree. I didn't have much luck. I had to settle for this guy who is only a Special Agent for Health and Human Services and formerly with AFOSI.
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    Aww, come on. You are just wanting to brag on his UMT degree (you know want to just a little).

  5. Neuhaus

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    UMT is fairly easy to brag about because the school is somewhat popular with military and federal employees.

    Honestly I was hoping to find a federal agent with a degree from Ashworth. That was my first search.

    I have a weird relationship to UMT in that I feel like it is a good school that does a decent job. But I also have some criticisms about some course content and some faculty members. I don't see them ever being RA.

    But if a fellow alumnus just happens to be rocking it in the world of federal law enforcement I have no qualms about giving a shout out.
  6. novadar

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    It's all good to me.

    Plus I was able to use a meme of Captain Jean-Luc Picard. AWESOME!
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    I debated whether to necro this thread or to start a new one but since the discussion was fairly comprehensive I think necro'ing is the better option.

    We've established that an NA doctorate is far less useful to teach than an RA doctorate. We've also established that an RA Master's enables you to teach because it has 18 credits in a specific discipline, and an RA master's + NA doctorate might allow you to teach in a subject based mostly on your RA degree, but with the NA "tick in the box."

    What's unclear though: does an NA master's satisfy the 18 credits to teach in a subject with an unrelated RA doctorate?

    I was inspired by this post (https://www.degreeinfo.com/index.php?threads/if-i-could-live-my-life-over-again.53227/) where the OP has an RA EdD in Organizational Leadership and she was advised to get a master's in another discipline in order to be eligible to teach business classes.

    Obviously that person should get an RA master's, but it makes me wonder of the utility of the NA master's purely to meet the 18-credit teaching requirement at RA schools.
  9. Vonnegut

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    Depends entirely on the schools accreditor and the schools audit history and interpretation of the accreditors requirements. While there are exceptions, many RA schools, only accept RA degrees.

    More importantly, is the issue of earning a master’s to teach. While there are exceptions, the time and money invested often struggle to provide a return on investment for adjuncts. Competition is becoming increasingly fierce for faculty positions at many schools, one generally need to be pretty competitive and a non-RA degree may not be the most competitive.
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    I don't know what is the status today.
    In the past a holder of RA Masters degree was able to teach in community college and online universities as instructor.
  11. Vonnegut

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    It varies. At RA community colleges and universities, most RAs only require undergraduate faculty to have a Master’s in the subject or a Master’s with 18 graduate credit hours in the subject. AAS and BAS programs generally do not require Master’s degrees for faculty. Exceptions exist though, such as AAS Nursing faculty, licensing boards often require a percentage to have graduate nursing degrees. Individual schools and programs may have more stringent standards, everyone likes terminal degrees for the metrics. There are many faculty who teach, but do not meet these requirements. It requires a faculty credentials exception form on file for the RA, with significant documentation and justification.

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