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    So there we have it. NA degrees are acceptable by the FBI. So while we can't know if they've hired any NA grads, there is certainly a legitimate possibility based on their own candidacy policy.
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    I don't think that DEAC accreditation is bogus. My purpose in making those general statements was to rub a little feathers.

    I do think the whole thing about national and regional accreditation is a gimmick in the sense that honestly if both are recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, why is DEAC accreditation held to a lower standing than regional accreditation.

    I do make some strong arguments sometimes but my purpose is to get you all to think a little bit about it. We spend so much time arguing these matters, but in the end regional accreditation will always be the golden ticket and standard.
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    Trolling, in other words.
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    That article makes sense. There are many government (DOD, Treasury) employees that received tuition reimbursement and later degrees from American Public University when it was accredited only by DETC.

    I have yet to have an employer question my Aspen degree. My opinion is that a degree will get you in the door, but your competency will keep you in the room.

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    DETC appears to now be known as the Distance Education Accreditation Commission.
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    The US Department of Education gives equal credence to both NA and RA accreditation. Period. However, people and organizations are free to believe in their own notions on accreditation.
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    small DEAC standards

    That is correct: The United States Department of Education (DOE) makes absolutely no academic distinction between small DEAC schools and large research universities such as Harvard, Princeton and Yale. However, the DOE has absolutely nothing to do with the standards imposed by the regional accreditators (RA). The DOE and RA are two completely different entities.
  10. potpourri

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    I'm not trying to troll. My point is that even though the U.S. Department of Education gives the same equal treatment for both the DEAC and regional accreditations that DEAC is still not largely and universally accepted as that if regional accreditation,

    If you look at the three Big schools Charter Oak State College and Thomas Edison State College (the two) they only accept credits recommended by ACE (American Council on Education) as Excelsior does apparently accept both DEAC and ACE.

    If you look at colleges and universities only a small percentage take credits from DEAC accreditation, whereas with the ACE recommendation it is a larger percentage. If DEAC accreditation is suppose to be at the same rigor and respect as regional accreditation why is it not as universally accepted?

    We can have this debate until the world comes to an end, but that's why I'm saying that it is a gimmick that they say it is to have the same recognition but in fact it doesn't to this day.

    I'm not saying that DEAC accreditation is bogus or bad. My point is even though it is listed and suppose to be at the same recognition as regional accreditation it isn't and that is the part that seems to be bogus. It's like saying that if you have two candidates an employer is saying that both are equally qualified, but those that are picked are always the ones from a particular place.

    That is why like with the issue of Ashworth College vs. Penn Foster College that Penn Foster College will always have an advantage because it holds both the DEAC accreditation and ACE recommendations.

    People can have an opinion on what I said earlier, but I was merely trying to get people to think about these issues. Plus to the average person if they see that something is accredited and recognized by the U.S. Department of Education whether DEAC or regional accreditation that they should both be on equal footing but sadly that isn't the case. That's what I mean by a gimmick.
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    A DEAC school is not something that parents encourage their children to attend as they near high school graduation.

    On a different note, FBI managers and HR personnel were highly resistant to accepting DEACs, but the DOE forced it down their throats. It will be interesting to see when the first DEAC holder is hired by the FBI.

    Ah that's a very interesting observation.
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    Your missing the point. If the average person has the understanding that a school is accredited whether nationally or regionally and it is suppose to be at the same credibility as indicated by the U.S. Department of Education why is national accreditation not as universally accepted if both are recognized by the same agency?
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    Yeah, but the overwhelming majority of parents don't know much if anything about accreditation. They do however know about reputation, which is why most parents encourage their kids to go to schools that are well-known, if not nationally, at least in the local area.

    We know for sure this hasn't happened already?
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    Regional accreditation is older. More schools are attached to it. More money is behind it.
  15. me again

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    Where does the DOE make the claim that DEAC has the same credibility as RA? Exactly who says that DEAC and RA have the same credability?

    Because DEAC and RA are two completely different entities with different purposes and functions. The rigor of achieving DEAC accreditation is much easier than the rigor of achieving RA. That's why all DEAC schools want RA status, but no (none, nadda, zip, zero) RA institutions want DEAC accreditation. All accreditations are not equal, nor do all accreditations have the same reputation, value or utility.
  16. LearningAddict

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    He didn't only say DEAC, he said "national accreditation", so he's asking about the full spectrum of national accreditation vs. regional accreditation.
  17. SteveFoerster

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    I believe nowhere. Their acceptance of both isn't the same as saying that they therefore are considered equal.

    I expect the preference for regional accreditation stems not from a belief that it's more rigorous, but that it's better for marketing since it's still a filter that older schools use to maintain their own collective air of exclusivity. Moreover, regional accreditation may be more difficult to get (especially due to financial requirements), but it's also notorious for being a club that's not easy to get kicked out of, which might contribute to its overall desirability.
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    Would you like to research the requirements in community colleges (AAS level) for teaching English, Math, Science, History or just provided your reference for "Two year RA colleges only require a RA AAS to teach at the AAS level."
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    You well know that the FBI began accepting DETC degrees 13 years ago. There are several DETC schools that cater to the FBI, Military, Law Enforcement, and it may just be possible that one of those grads sneaked into the FBI ranks somewhere in the these past 13 years. And how would we know if the first was not 13 years?
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    Capella University was happy to accept my DEAC-accredited Master's degree as the requisite for my Ed.D program.

    Admissions Requirements - Capella University

    I am sure my regionally accredited Ed.D from Capella won't be of any utility either. Good grief people. A degree that is accredited by an agency recognized by ED and CHEA holds great value in achieving both employment and continuing educational goals. People can say what they want, but there are millions of people that have used their DEAC-accredited degree to improve their life. I am one of them.

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