Teaching American Sign Language Online?

Discussion in 'Online & DL Teaching' started by shastagrimes, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. shastagrimes

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    I am currently a high school teacher teaching ASL and I recently started my Master's online through TUI. I have several questions for you all:

    1) I have only found one vitual school that offered ASL online and I would like to create a curriculum and put myself out there for community colleges or virtual schools to consider having me teach this. What is the best way to do that? Right now all I have is a website that is a mix between Myspace and YouTube but it's all sign language videos (signlanguagetube) but it can show them that it is possible to teach sign language via the internet.

    2) I'm not certain about my college or degree choice. I am finishing my first course and just started my second with TUI. I only found 3 online programs that had a Master's in Ed. with a focus on E-Learning. I can't find any Master's programs on teaching ASL and I've found that degrees on Bilingualism and such focus too much on spoken language so they don't really help me. I really like Illinois Global but they are a lot more expensive. Is a degree in E-Learning going to help me or does it matter? Also, everyone wants 18+ hours in the subject but since there are no graduate level ASL courses how do I do that or present that?

    Sorry for all the questions but many of you seem to know what you are doing. Thanks for your time and help.

    USF 2002 - BA Interdisciplinary Social Science (Sign Language & International Studies)
    TUI 2008 - MEd E-learning - just started
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    Hi Shasta - I'm sorry but I can't really answer your question. The best I could do (for now) is to offer you this site:


    Probably you already know about it. Anyway, I did a small search and know that Northeastern University (Boston) has a program. It's not distance learning but maybe if you contact them they can give you another push in the right direction. I hope you find what you're looking to find.
  3. Cyndi

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    ASL Distance Learning


    You mentioned in your post that there is only one school teaching ASL through distance learning? Can you post what school that is? I'm halfway
    through my degree and can't finish because I either need night or online classes.

  4. mattbrent

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    Hi Shasta,

    You may want to just go with a basic masters in curriculum and instruction, or perhaps one in educational technology. With a curriculum and instruction background, you could be qualified to create the curriculum regardless of whether it is online or in the classroom.

    When I was doing my program through Walden, one of our courses was called "Literacy and Learning in the Information Age" which may be applicable to what you're trying to do. I really enjoyed Walden's MS in CIA program, and have two colleagues who did their Ed Tech program. They enjoyed that program as well.


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