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Discussion in 'Online & DL Teaching' started by Kizmet, Jun 18, 2019.

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  2. LearningAddict

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    There are a ton of jobs out there for this. Shame so many use bogus certificates to get the jobs.
  3. cookderosa

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    I have a friend who teaches for VIP Kids - she's been doing it a while and loves it. One of the homeschool families in our community has a daughter that just started. If you have a BA you're good.
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  4. Marcus Aurelius

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    I have a friend who checked into VIPKID and decided against it. It's a legit opportunity, don't get me wrong. But in order to make it work you have to work either super-early in the morning or super-late at night. You have to make yourself available when kids in China are awake.
  5. Maxwell_Smart

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    Certification in this field is like the wild west. It also doesn't help that pretty much every accreditor in the field is fake, either being made up by a TESOL instruction company or a collection of TESOL instruction companies wanting to pretend to be legitimately accredited. There isn't enough money in it for any strong educational authorities to help clean it up, so it's ultimately up to the hiring organizations. Problem there is, many of them don't care as long as you have a Bachelors degree, and there are enough that will take people without one (some companies will still hire you if you show you're working toward one).

    I've read of people doing a $40 certificate from a Groupon deal and getting hired at top pay. Ridiculous, but hey, if the companies are willing to hire grossly unqualified instructors, so be it. They only help to cheapen their own brand and industry as a whole by doing it.

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