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    I know quite a few people who have graduated from law school in the past 5 or so years. Two of them now have good paying jobs, but one was older, had a lot of work experience, and had a connection before she even went to law school and was guaranteed a job. The other person happened to be in the right place at the right time (he was working in a low level position when an attorney position happened to open up at the same company). This NYT article discusses the issues law grads still face:
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    I do think that part of the problem for new J.D.s is that they are unable/unwilling to relocate. Here in New Mexico, opportunity abounds, especially if you are willing to go somewhere other than Santa Fe/Albuquerque for your first job. Once one's foot is in the door, relocating to the center of the state is comparatively easy. However...salaries here are too low to live and service $150,000 in student loans and worse, even experienced lawyers may not do much better. The trick is to get a less expensive degree. In-state tuition at UNM is less than $50,000 for all three years.
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    Wow. That's low enough that it's probably worth it to move to NM for a year so as to qualify, at least for a person without kids to feed.
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    Ah, but in the Dark Ages (some time after the Visigoths sacked Rome) I paid $336 per semester at UNM Law. Not per semester HOUR, mind you; per SEMESTER. I know because a classmate of mine found one of his old tuition receipts.

    Of course, we DID have to pay in doubloons...(wink)

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