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    I had my computer science graduation and in my search to enter the mobile and telecommunication career, I ended up doing the ios development training in Toronto that helped me get more structured study in advanced ios application development and testing and also got good hands on knowledge in Swift programming from the same college.
    Swift programming is developed by advancing the existing compiler, debugger and framework infrastructure. Also the memory management got simplified with the introduction of Automatic Reference Counting(ARC). I went attended the 4 day program to develop my talents in mobile app development and found it pretty useful for my portfolio. I have this few interviews lined up for next week and am so confident with the feedback I received after the initial shortlisting done.
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    A modest proposal.
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    This plagiarized remix-hogwash is just an um.. "commercial" for the Toronto school Matt linked to. I just knew part of his blurb had to be substantially copied - and it was.

    Here's some of his source: "Apple laid the foundation for Swift by advancing the existing compiler, debugger, and framework infrastructure. Simplified memory management with Automatic Reference Counting (ARC)"

    It's from here, a paper by Okeke Hyacinth Afam of Enugu State University, Nigeria.


    Never bullshit an experienced bullshitter, Matt.

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