Swansea Ph.D. via Central Oklahoma

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    It appears it's been around for a few years. I checked the threads, and it has not been discussed before (forgive me if I overlooked it).

    Students can apply to a Swansea Ph.D. through Central Oklahoma. By the looks of it, Central Oklahoma faculty teach in the program and Swansea faculty.

    You can find all the program info here, including a link to the program manual:


    The tuition isn't cheap, BUT...

    "This tuition covers their enrollment in both institutions, round-trip transportation (from Oklahoma City to Swansea), and housing near Swansea University for two trips. The two paid trips are for the orientation trip at the beginning of the student's Ph.D. work and the oral defense trip at the end."
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    Cool! For others curious about the tuition, see page 5 of the manual: https://www.uco.edu/graduate/files/2021-22-swansea-student-manual.pdf

    The tuition appears to range from $16,970-$23,770 depending on the college the student is enrolled in, with the College of Engineering charging the most and the College of Health Sciences charging the least. Part-time enrollment is about half the cost. Assuming full-time for 4 years it would be $67,880-$95,080 for the degree.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    It is expensive for a research-only degree from the British Commonwealth. Of course, I assume UCO is also taking a cut.
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