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Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by scoriae, Oct 5, 2017.

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    Greetings DegreeInfo!

    I recently finished my undergrad from the other forum, and have since started looking into grad programs to further education. I've done what I hope is a fair bit of searching to take the next step of requesting advice and assistance, as I have not been able to come across anything that matches what I am looking for as of yet. It may be that I am searching for a 'unicorn' as its often put, but I wanted to reach out in the event the community could recommend me a school I may have overlooked/missed out on!

    I'm not sure what information would be useful, but here goes:

    - Current location: South Korea
    - Citizenship: Canadian
    - Seeking: MBA in Human Resources, Finances, Information Systems or Operations Management, preferably. Open to others, however.
    - Preferred School Location: USA, Canada, UK (open to other locations)
    - Accreditation: AACSB (RA or equivalent, if applicable)
    - Type: (Non-Profit) Online, Self-Paced
    - Tuition: As cheap as possible, though this is a secondary priority
    - Undergrad: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (TESU)
    - GPA: No GPA from TESU, 3.01/4.00 GPA from evaluated Canadian College Transcripts (Culinary Management & Computer Systems Analyst @ Associate-level equivalent)
    - Other Considerations:
    • Currently working full-time with erratic schedule demanding overtime
    • GMAT waiver preferred, as I have not taken it
    • Have 4+ years experience working in a foreign government
    • Prefer to have it completed sooner rather than later (1 Year as opposed to 2)
    • The above is not a firm set, though its a baseline I would like to try and get as close to as possible.

    Any information would be very much welcomed!

    TL;DR: Seeking MBA as an International Student from an accredited/recognized school offered in a manner that would allow for self-paced studying.
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    Got mine through UMass-Amherst, great experience, it was self-paced on the whole, I completed part time over four years.
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    Well, the most self paced MBA program that I can think of is Heriot Watt's (UK) Edinburgh Business School MBA ( It is about as self paced as they come. You grade for the class is solely determined by a single final exam for that class and you determine when you take the test. You can get the MBA in Finance, Human Resources Management, and other specialties.

    The school has a Royal Charter (equivalent to US RA) and is well regarded. Classes are about $1,500 each and you will need 11 classes for an MBA with a concentration (only 9 for a generic MBA). The only thing that is missing is the AACSB acreditation.

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