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    I've taught a few undergraduate courses at the local university in the past while in grad school and I'm now interested in getting into adjunct teaching. I was wondering if some of you successful adjunct instructors can provide an outline of how your resume is formatted and what sections you'd recommend to include. Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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    Here is my structure


    •Doctoral degree in business administration with a concentration in management and over 9 years teaching in class and online using eCollege, Moodle, and Angel platforms
    •Qualified to teach IT, Management, and Marketing with real world experience and 18 graduate credits in each area
    •Currently a manager of clinical engineering at a large non-profit healthcare system with past experience as a national service director for a medical device manufacturer with responsibility for the installation, training and repair of medical devices in medical imaging and IT environments.
    •Worked closely with the Service Marketing team to promote the growth of the contract business.
    •Experience with network designs, computer installations and troubleshooting as well as staff training.
    •Research interest in total quality management, employee satisfaction, employee motivation, communications, remote employee management, leadership, and service marketing

    Doctor of Philosophy - Northcentral University (ACBSP), 2010
    Major: Business Administration – Management
    Dissertation: MY Topic

    Master of Business Administration - Trident University, 2011
    Concentration: Marketing

    Master of Science - Touro College (Touro University International Campus), 2004
    Concentration: Information Technology Management

    Graduate Certificate - University of Florida, 2007
    Concentration: Healthcare Risk Management

    Online Adjunct Instructor – ZZZ University – 04/2011 – Present
    Teach online undergraduate and graduate class as needed in eCommerce and Marketing using the Angel Platform
    Courses Taught:
    MK444 - Principles of Marketing
    MK444 - Marketing Research
    CS555 - Electronic Commerce (graduate level)
    MK555 - Domestic and International Markets (graduate level)
    MK555 - Strategic Marketing (course design - graduate level)

    Online Adjunct Instructor - XXX College – 01/2006 – Present
    Teach online undergraduate classes in Business Fundamentals and Computer Applications using eCollege Platform
    Research external sources to ensure the students receive information that reflects current trends
    Responsible for open and motivating communication to drive retention and quality
    School reviews typically average approximately 1.5 on a 5 point scale with 1 being Outstanding
    Courses Taught:
    MNXXX - Business Enterprise
    CGXYZ - Computer Applications
    CGXYZ - E-Commerce
    CGXYZ - Operating Systems

    Manager of Clinical Engineering - Health Systems, 11/12 – Present
    •Responsible for two hospitals and multiple outpatient clinics
    •P&L responsibility of $6M with responsibility for cost analysis of a device inventory valued at $250M
    •Instituted a statistical Preventive Maintenance model which reduced the workload by 2,000 hours without impacting quality
    •Quality Committee Member working with Risk Management the COO to indentify failures and track trends
    •Manage a team of 12 clinical engineers responsible for supporting 12,000 medical devices
    •Initiated a program to market the services of supporting departments to raise awareness of offerings

    Director of Field Service and Technical Assistance Center - Medical Company, 02/00 – 10/12
    •Manage a team of 11 managers, 70+ field service engineers, and 25+ help desk employees responsible for supporting customer and the sales team on medical devices.
    •Created and designed a Service Business Review packet that was used to keep contract customers abreast of the contract status. These service meetings were scheduled in conjunction with sales and produced $1M in service business sales and $1.5M in capital sales while increasing customer satisfaction and reducing contract consumption.
    •Developed a Web based training program to increase awareness of proper cleaning, handling, and disinfection of medical devices. This improved efficiencies in select markets by 20%, and reduced travel expenses by 14% while adding to the “green” initiative of the company.
    •Instituted a paperless system for field personnel with respect to documentation of educational visits. The paperless system reduced waste, cost, and increased efficiencies. The need to print 14 page documents, fill them out, and scan them was eliminated. The estimated savings was approximately 1,000 man hours per year.
    •Member of the Leadership Committee and the Quality Management Team responsible for providing the strategic direction of 200+ employees and analyzing data on trends to monitor failures
    •Managed the launch of several successful marketing campaigns increasing revenue by $50M over a 3 year period

    Randell1234. (2011, August). Title. Publication, 16, 16-20

    Randell1234. (Date). Communicating effectively using neuro-linguistic programming. Lecture presented at the Federation of NeuroLinguistic Programming, Jacksonville, FL.

    Randell1234. (date). Troubleshooting and repair tips to ensure customer satisfaction. Lecture presented at the Florida Biomedical Engineers Meeting, Orlando, FL.

    Randell1234 (date). The field service engineer and their evolving role. Lecture presented at Corporate HQ, Tokyo, Japan.

    Randell1234. (date). Effective partnerships of sales and service in the United States. Lecture presented at Global Training, Hamburg, Germany.

    Society for Manufacturing Engineers
    International Quality Federation
    Society for Emotional Intelligence

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    welding engineer-welding inspector
    Back from Wakanda
    Nice resume Randell. I always knew that you were emotionally intelligent.:hail:
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    Try to convince my wife!
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    This and that on the Internet
    Northern Virginia & Dominica, West Indies
    It is but one entry of many in Randell's portfolio of intelligences!

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