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    Hello everyone. I have a co-worker that is interested in obtaining her certification as substance abuse counselor. Does anyone know of any courses or certificates in chemical dependency, substance abuse counseling, etc. I understand that certification varies from state to state but just inquiring about coursework that may help. Thanks.
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    The University of the Pacific offers a substance abuse counselor certificate program. It may be possible to complete all courses online. Give them a call just to make sure.

    "The program consists of 22 total units. Both in-class and online classes will be offered. In-class sessions meet on weekday evenings, with other schedules occasionally required. Online courses will have set dates but will allow students to work at home at their own pace. There will be established times of interactive participation.

    In addition to the coursework, State Certification requires students to complete 160 hours of supervised internship. The program also offers a CAADAC option which requires 300 hours of supervised internship. Previous internship or experience cannot be counted toward these hours. We recommend the program be completed in six months. "

    University of the Pacific is regionally accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges ( WASC ).
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    The Center for Professional and Continuing Education at the University of the Pacific is looking for people to develop and teach courses in a variety of subject areas. Nice way to make some extra cash.
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    Associate's: Andrew Jackson University and Rio Salado College of the Maricopa Community College System
    Bachelor's: Bethany College , University of Cincinnati , and Northwestern State University
    Bachelor's & Master's: Grand Canyon University and Mercy College
    Graduate Certificate: Pennsylvania State University
    Master's & Doctoral: Capella University
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    Grand Canyon University offers a bachelors in addiction counseling online, a masters in addiction counseling, and a certificate in advanced graduate studies in addiction counseling:
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    The University College of the University of Maine System offers a Certificate Program in Substance Abuse Rehabilitation which can be applied towards the AA in Social Services and/or the BS in Mental Health and Human Services.
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    The University of Great Falls offers an associate's in addictions counseling and a bachelor's in psychology with concentration in addictions counsling online.
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    Programs with focus toward junior high school and high school

    Looking for a junior-senior high school certification in addictions counseling. Many thanks. Hille

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