Student Loan Debt Cancellation for Victims of Evil For-Profit Colleges

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    Okay, not all of the schools on the list are for-profit, but the large majority are. :p In a settlement over the Betsy DeVos regime denying and failing to process borrower defense applications, the Department of Education has decided that it is just going to cancel the debt for every scam college. The debt should be cleared within 12 months.

    If you attended a college on the list, previously applied for borrower defense, and your application hasn't been processed yet, your debt will be cancelled.

    If you attended a college on the list, and your claims were denied, your application will be reinstated, and your debt will be cancelled.

    If you attended a college on the list, and you have not applied for borrower defense, you can still apply and have your debt cancelled.

    If you did not attend a college on the list, and you're still waiting for a decision on your application, refer to the timetable for when your application will be processed.

    Also, your credit will be repaired if it was impacted by the debt from the devil institutions. You will also receive a refund for payments made.
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    Oh I see what you did there.... "devil institutions"... Oh my....
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    The really need to wipe out all the debt for Art Institute students going back almost a while second decade or so. The schools were definitely predatory. Many people I know transferred out. I never applied for any sort of forgiveness because of the years they were saying it was applicable, and from my understanding the person applying had to have not received a bachelors degree.

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