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  1. new grad student

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    I am thinking about attending Strayer University's Nashville, TN campus online. Can anyone tell me if this is a good reputable school to attend? I am pursuing my Masters in Educational Management. Any advice would be welcomed!
  2. DTechBA

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    I never attended....

    However, a coworker of mine attended the Chicago area campus. He was happy with his studies. They are more expensive than other options....
  3. Rivers

    Rivers New Member

    Strayer is a for-profit University(that does matter to some people). That is Based out of the Washington D.C. /Virginia Area. I would suggest doing some reasearch online there are alot schools offering education masters..perhaps you may want to take a look at Johnny's Web site:

    I would say do your homework(check out as many porgrams as you can) before committing to any one school. Strayer is Accredaited by the middle states. I can't say anything good or bad about them because I have never attended,know anyone who has or have a wealth of knowledge about their programs.
  4. Rob L

    Rob L New Member

    I have never went to Stayer. However, I have a coworker who is currently pursuing her MBA from Strayer Online. She thinks the academics are okay, but she is not really too happy with their administration. Specifically, she is unhappy with their overall disorganization. She told me about an incident where they mistakingly gave her a $300 book voucher, then demand the money back 3 months later. She wasn't too angry about the payment because she was not entitled to the voucher; she was angry at the disorganization. Although she has experienced problems, I do not want this one single example to discourage you. However, if a lot of other people are telling stories like this, you may want to think hard before enrolling.
  5. sulla

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  6. aic712

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    yes strayer has been around for over 100 years, but they have only been accredited since the 1980's, before then, they were nothing more than a trade school.

    Strayer University [Accredited]
    1025 15th Street, N.W.
    Washington, DC 20005

    Phone: (202) 408-2400
    Fax: (202) 419-1425

    Institution Type: Master's II

    First Accredited in: 1981
    Reaccredited in: 2000
    Institution Code: 0139
  7. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    Myles is correct. Not a university until rather recently.

    Getting a degree from Strayer is like getting a degree from any other accredited school no one's ever heard of. Not bad, not fantastic. Good.

    And expensive. But not particularly more so than competing sources.

    Administration leaves something to be desired. Heard that a lot while working for UoP. (Which suffers in the same fashion.)
  8. kcfile

    kcfile New Member

    The Strayer's course fee is very expensive, charged at the rate of US$270 per credit hour for undergraduate level studies and US$342 per credit hour for master programs! I think the University of London (External degree programs) and Unisa's distance learning degree programs are much more affordable and economical. Furthermore, degrees from both these universities are worldwide recognized with much higher rankings!

    Furthermore, may I know why the course fee of universities in USA is always expensive than that in other countries, like UK and Europe, EVEN the online/pure distance learning course programs?
  9. Muji

    Muji New Member

    Any suggested DL Master program with low tution fee?
  10. kcfile

    kcfile New Member

    You may consider Master programs offered by University of South Africa (Unisa), .However, most of the master/doctor degree programs of the university are by research and students must have a Honours Bachelor Degree (4 years) of the related subject.
  11. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    I attended classes at Strayer for part of my Bachelor's, at their Arlington, Manassas, and Loudon campuses in Northern Virginia. It was mostly fine, but I noticed that the quality depended a great deal on which campus I attended, suggesting a lack of centralized organization.

    I find that Strayer is needlessly expensive relative to alternatives.


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