Stop Clapping. Really.

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    ...while creating a less inclusive environment for people who are visually impaired, epileptic, paraplegic, with anxiety disorders or other disorders who might be triggered by lack of ambient auditory stimulus.
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    The University of Manchester beat Oxford by a year on this:

    I hope you meant to say quadriplegic rather than paraplegic - the former involves paralysis from the neck down, while the latter is only paralysis from the waist down. Of course, if you're paraplegic, you probably have sufficient things to gripe about. I can, however, imagine a debate in which the quadriplegic whines to the paraplegic, "Hey, I'm twice as paralyzed as you are!" (To which a paraplegic with balls should, of course, applaud.)

    FWIW, I think it would be a lot of fun to go into a room full of autistic people, clap and cheer loudly, then point at each and every one of them and laugh uncontrollably.
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    You're right that I used the wrong word, but the word I was looking for was diplegia (a person who has paralysis of either both arms or both legs, but not a combination of arms and legs). I meant to refer to people who could stomp their feet in approval but could not use jazz hands. I also neglected to mention double amputees and those who have trigger finger, arthritis of the fingers, carpal tunnel syndrome, bursitis, tendinitis, and psychosomatic pain. Which means that my post was not just semantically incorrect, but also woefully non-inclusive.
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