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  1. BMWGuinness

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    Hey Everyone,

    I've been socking $5,000/month toward my student loans and they'll be paid off very shortly.

    Until that time, I was wondering if anyone could recommend some great online courses for learning the stock market, trading, etc.

    Perhaps even some Stock Market games that are great at introducing you to the world of trading.

    I'd like to have a better grasp on the subject. This does not need to be for credit.


  2. CogitusInterruptus

    CogitusInterruptus New Member

    For the theory behind markets, there's an upcoming Coursera offering from Yale: Financial Markets

    For a more practical guide, there are a lot of good courses on KhanAcademy. See their Finance and Capital Markets category, especially the Stocks & Bonds subcategory. But also the Financial Statements section, because to be a savvy investor you need to learn to read one well.

    Also, Udemy has a Financial Trading 101 section.

    Finally, there was a course in Computational Investing on Coursera a little while back, and you can read about it here. That's for the more advanced trader who wants to start automating strategies and using computational methods to enhance their decision making.
  3. Johann

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    Well - for starters, there's nobody more successful at that game than Warren Buffett. Here are 13 lessons he learned - and they're free. Warren Buffett’s 13 lessons on how to achieve success | Financial Post

    You might also want to read "Security Analysis" and "The Intelligent Investor" by Benjamin Graham. Graham was one of Warren Buffett's professors at Columbia Business School. Mr. Buffett cites him as the second most influential person in his life, after his (Mr. Buffett's) father.

    A quote from Mr. Buffett that I nicked from his Wiki:

    "I'm 15 percent Fisher and 85 percent Benjamin Graham.
    The basic ideas of investing are to look at stocks as business, use the market's fluctuations to your advantage, and seek a margin of safety. That's what Ben Graham taught us. A hundred years from now they will still be the cornerstones of investing"

    Also free - a quote I filched from the German poet, Heinrich Heine: "Experience is a good school. But the fees are high."

    And those fees can be particularly high for experience in this area. :smile: Good luck!

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  4. CogitusInterruptus

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    My own original quotable quote:

    "Once you find a quote that is as sharp as a nail, hammer it into as many boards as possible." ;-)

    I do second the recommendation to read Mr. Buffett, in addition to exploring the courses I linked earlier. I began my own investment education many years ago reading the Motley Fool Investment Guide, and that book so fawned over Buffett that I thought there must be some gold in them thar hills. So I read him next.
  5. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    It's been said that the one thing every successful investor needs is discipline. It looks like you have that, in spades! Congratulations! I'm sure you'll do just fine! Carl Icahn, move over! :smile:

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