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    i disagree with the idea "the cost of accreditation is passed onto the students".
    While this is an all-unitedstatesian concern ( in Canada & Mexico things go about the way they do in Italy or Australia ), it makes no sense.
    Indeed there may or may have been cases of political lobby, bribery & malpractice, where substandard outfits somewhat managed to slip through the net.
    However the above argument reeks of degree mill practice.
    Even Athabasca, Open University etc cut short on campus buildings, dorm, football grounds & varsity sport circus expenses; hence they're cheaper.
    that has NOTHING to do with proper accreditation.
    I mean: ok, let's cut varsity sport, dorm rooms & all this college-movie paraphenalia.
    However we still can ( if we're legitimate ) meet TEACHING standards.
  2. Bill Huffman

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    Rich, a most excellent post! DegreeInfo should put that in an article on their front page as a general response to those arguing for unaccredited degrees.
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    Re: I agree with you

    Yes, you are quite correct. That will solve the problem, once and for all.


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    Actually, ironicly, Oregon's ODA DOES allow use of the SCUPS PhD in psychology. Licensure, of course, may be another matter.
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    In response to the comments about SCUPS and bid for accreditation: Please read the email directly from SCUPS to me...

    Not intending to be rude or pointing fingers, it is with all do respect, but folks should not jump to conclusions too quickly. "Keep a closed mouth and an open mind". I know this group was set up for "like mind" individuals and I appreciate that. I value everyone's opinion even if that opinion is counter to mine.

    There is also a link on this site [DegreeInfo] that has an article that states that some schools can't afford the process of accreditation by the regional accreditation agencies or have not been in business long enough to qualify.

    I do stand corrected about the experiential learning and Excelsior U. However, they do give credit for on the job/learned experience and one can test out of courses.

    Kind regards to all.


    Dear Robert,

    SCUPS did apply to the Accrediting Commission of the Distant Education and Training Council (DETC) The Examining Committee of DETC and the Commission felt the University’s plans for compliance with accrediting standards were commendable, they felt that not all plans could be implemented in time to meet the accrediting decision deadline. SCUPS decided at that time not to peruse DETC accreditation, as DETC is not yet approved to accredit degrees at the doctoral level. We are waiting to see what happens in 2005. The goal of SCUPS is to become accredited, so SCUPS will continue to explore options for obtaining accreditation with agencies that accredit doctoral programs.


    Lorrie Weiland

    Admissions Director

    Southern California University For Professional Studies
  6. Rich Douglas

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    Yeah, that's fine. But it is hardly a credible source. Here's a simle comparison:

    SCUPS and CCU drop their doctoral programs. SCUPS and CCU apply for DETC accreditation. Both are denied. CCU doesn't reinstate their doctoral programs and continues to pursue DETC accreditation. SCUPS does reinstate their doctoral programs and drops their bid for DETC accreditation.

    What is one to infer from that?

    SCUPS' statement about pursuing accreditation that will allow them to continue offering the doctorate is disingenuous. They dropped their doctoral programs once to pursue a lower-level accreditation they couldn't (ultimately) get! They must have seen, at one time, value in DETC accreditation; now it isn't good enough for them? Sour grapes.

    SCUPS' owners established a separate school in another region (NCU in Arizona) in order to get RA. Does anyone seriously think that SCUPS is going to get anywhere anytime soon with WASC? Perhaps they will someday, but this forward-looking statement by SCUPS is meaningless. The only available accreditation to them in their current design is WASC, unless they move from California.

    BTW, Excelsior does not "give credit for on the job/learned experience". (sic) They do, however, accept such credit when transferred in from other, accredited, schools. That's very different. It means they recognize the value of awarding credit for lifelong learning (after all, they're entire school is based on assessing learning done elsewhere), but they don't engage in this practice (awarding life/experience credit) themselves.

    As for being "like-minded," this board is quite the opposite. Two people can read the SCUPS situation and come to two different conclusions, and then post those opinions here. Your opinion and mine can stand next to each other for anyone to read.
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  8. Rich Douglas

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    It is pretty much understood that WASC is more hostile to alternative programs than is the NCA. It is also understood that the NCA is the most open-minded to such schools. But assuming that SCUPS and NCU operate at the same standard isn't reliable. Remember, they didn't even make the cut at DETC. Also remember, no DETC-accredited school has gone on to RA. (That may change with APUS/AMU. And that doesn't apply to schools that did both simultaneously--they got DETC's first, but were working towards RA as well.) It would seem that DETC accreditation is more accessible to distance schools than is RA, but SCUPS couldn't get DETC's. So, back came the doctorates. If SCUPS isn't about money first--and if SCUPS could eventually succeed with DETC--why didn't they persist with DETC?
  9. Bill Huffman

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    Also, SCUPS the place that modified quotes out of Bears' Guide and sent out these false statements attributed to John Bear for misleading advertising purposes? I consider that very dishonest and not the behavior one would want to see in their alma mater's history.
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  11. Rich,

    Do you think that California Coast University will be successful in becoming accredited by DETC? Thanks for your response. Have a Happy Holiday.
  12. The enumerated power of the Federal Constitution

    In the US, by law, or degrees are State Approved/ Licensed/ Registered.

    Remembers, is United States, multiple States. Each State has the Police Power, each State is an independent jurisdiction, and education is part of that power. So, the States control the education.

    The central Government, the White House and Friends, only have the enumerated power of the Federal Constitution, and education, is not in the Federal Constitution.

    The accreditation is only voluntary, but in these times, is a good idea to get the accreditation by one of this Juridical Person, or Company that are accepted by Federal Government. (Is a Social Club for Juridical Persons).

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