Starting my 2nd Doctorate at Capitol Technology University

Discussion in 'IT and Computer-Related Degrees' started by dl_mba, Aug 14, 2023.

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    The 42 transfer credits isn't a pathway. Regardless of whether you have transfer credits, you have to either publish three articles or write a dissertation. The PhD in technology, if I remember correctly, is the only one that offers the masters/PhD combo, so you don't need a masters degree for admission. I believe almost all of their doctoral programs allow up to 42 transfer credits. When I talked to the head of doctoral programs a few years ago, he said they're pretty flexible on which transfer credits can be applied. They just need to be semi-related.
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    Actually, I was referring to this webpage, Technology (PhD) | Capitol Technology University | Capitol Technology University (
    It indicates the 3 pathways I was talking about earlier, when I clicked onto any other PhD offering, it doesn't give that option...
    So, I was curious how it is offered to the other degree programs when they don't have the pathways mentioned in any of them.
    And yes, I noticed the MS Research Methods + PhD Technology option as well, it's a bit too expensive for my budget though...
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    Cap Tech is a good option, albeit on the expensive side. I almost transferred there during the JF Jr. scandal at Liberty. I am surprised they allow that many credits, especially from a completed degree. I know some schools do not allow transfer credits if they were used to earn another degree.
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    Oh, three admissions pathways. Your question was answered. You can call or email them, and you will receive the same answer. Almost all of their doctoral programs allow up to 42 transfer credits. That is why the OP is being allowed to transfer in 42 credits. The only reason why the PhD in Technology has the admissions pathways listed out is because it's the only one that has the master's/PhD combination. Otherwise, allowing 42 credits in transfer is just a blanket transfer credit policy as stated in the link I provided.
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    A new faculty member in our department has a doctorate from Capitol Tech. Private, non-profit, Catholic.
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    Ask them if they still require a three-day residency in Maryland. For some reason, they don't put that on the program pages. I follow them on LinkedIn, and they had a residency for doctoral students a few months ago.

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