standford/berkley in Spiegel

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    Too bad I don't speak German. -- I could read the article then!
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    Here's what Babel Fish did with it;

    Title dealers sell complex arranged documents, which expel their owner as owners of an academic degree, in the long run are however worthless. An individual letter can make the difference. The Swedish central office for higher education makes now attentive to a particularly dreiste mesh: The mail box universities decorate themselves with names, which are similar to those for confounding renowned educational establishments. While a graduate of the renowned Stanford University comes in the working life probably far, conclusions of the "condition Fords University" or the "Stamford University" have only "scrap value". Also behind the "Berkley University" and the "Berkeley internationally, in contrast to the well-known University OF California, Berkeley, only title mills hide themselves to University". British elite universities find University "unloved imitator for example international in" Cambridge State University "or the" Oxford. The number of the doubtful institutes rose in the past four years world-wide from 200 to 800, so the study. They are settled usually in the USA or in Caribbean tax havens and convert over 500 million dollar per year. Well made falsifications The document dealers make their money with the vanity of liking gladly university graduates or with the Arglosigkeit of customers, who think, it an academic conclusion would actually acquire, by transferring a money and returning some references. The pseudo documents are however quite suitable for deceiving experienced personnel chiefs say the Swedish expert Erik Johansson: "the documents look sometimes better than genuine universities."
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    the translation isn't as bad as I would expect!!

    While its nothing great of an article, it is rather quite remarkable to see US diploma mills being refferred to in german press as so far except for Herisau and Teufen in Switzerland, very very few have made it into german mainstream press yet.

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