Squadron Officer School through DL

Discussion in 'Military-related education topics' started by Kizmet, May 30, 2013.

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    SOS is a course for officers right about the time they make captain (at 4 years of service). It's designed to increase one's skills and knowledge in defense studies, oral and written communications, and leadership. The outcome is an increased capacity to serve on a staff.

    When I went through it, it was an 8-week course and only about half of active duty officers got to go. Unlike it's more senior cousins (Air Command and Staff College and Air War College), there was no distance learning option. This seems to correct that omission.
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    The DL course has been an option for a while. This is an updated version of it.
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    I completed SOS through correspondence back in the early 80s (before computers). Back then, SOS was offered as a correspondence course by Air University’s Extension Course Institute (ECI). I remember getting my textbooks in the mail and then afterwards being notified by the Base Education Office that my exam was available. (About 4 exams total.) The Base Ed Office proctored all of the exams. I was able to attend SOS in residence a few years later. (Montgomery Alabama in the summer!) Back then SoS was so competitive, you almost had to complete by correspondence first in order to be competitive for the residence course.
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    I was mistaken. Yes, there was a correspondence version, even way back when. I took it, too. Yes, it seemed a pre-requisite for attending the residential course, but that wasn't official.
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    Has anyone taken the DL course? I'm planning to retake it with my CAP Commander's approval and with the approval of the Clemson University ROTC Detachment's Testing Officer. (I can't take it at the Squadron anymore thanks to the infamous former CAP National Commander who had someone else take it for him. That change was what kept me from completing it...)

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