Special Request from Friend - Pharmacology Online?

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    Ok, I got an email from my friend because I told him how I got all of my information about online degrees through this forum. He wanted me to ask a question for him.


    Can you see if your online degree gurus know of any “Pharmacology” degrees online?



    Well guys, know of any Pharmacology Online programs?
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    Definitions of pharmacology on the Web:

    * The study of drugs and their origin, nature, properties and effects upon living organisms.

    * The science of studying both the mechanisms and the actions of drugs, usually in animal models of disease, to evaluate their potential therapeutic value.

    * The science dealing with the effect of drugs on living organisms.

    * The medical science that deals with the discovery, composition, identification, biological/physiological effects, uses and manufacture of drugs.

    * Used with drugs and exogenously (developed or originating outside the organism) administered chemical substances for their effects on living tissues and organisms; includes acceleration and inhibition of physiological and biochemical processes and other pharmacologic mechanisms of action

    * The study of drugs, including their composition, production, uses, and effects in the body.

    * The science which deals with the study of drugs in all its aspects: the properties and reactions of drugs especially with relation to their therapeutic value.

    * The branch of science that deals with the study of drugs and their action on living systems.

    * is the scientific study of the origin, nature chemistry, effects, and use of drugs. Toxicology is the science that investigates the adverse effects of chemicals on health.
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    Not near my Bears Guides at the moment, but if you're interested in the MS in Psychopharmacology, you might look into Alliant International University www.alliant.edu .
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    Not sure if the person he is asking for has a bachelors.
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    Can't imagine how one could study pharmacology without having completed organic chemistry - this implies completing a baccalaureate.
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    My niece is attending Nova pharmacy school in Ft Lauderdale and there are students that have attended a local CC and earned an associates degree and got into the PharmD program. It is some kind of agreement they have with Nova.
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    UF has a similar program. If you have at least an AA and the appropriate pre-reqs, then you can do a Pharm.D thorough several CCs and Extension offices throughout Florida.

    However, if you already have a BS in Pharmacy, there is the "working PharmD", which I believe is totally online and you can take anywhere.
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