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    I have been searching, but can't seem to come up with a good list of inexpensive, online schools with regards to special education and/or adult education. I would prefer to obtain a graduate degree and initial certification in special education and currently possess a BA in psychology.

    The political climate has changed here in Ohio and community/charter schools are fully supported by the current administration. I am interested in opening a school specifically to serve high school dropouts interested in obtaining a GED or a high school diploma.

    Special education and/or adult education would give me the credentials needed to enter the field. So....what schools would you recommend?

    Thanks for your help!
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    With 1 NY principle, 1 NY superintendent, 1 IL teacher, and 1 IA special ed teacher's aid in my immediate family- Easter conversation this year focused around "everyone and their dog" having sped qualifications. Apparently this was a big deal since they talked about it for an hour. So, does it mean anything? I have no idea, but you may want to check into the possibility of there being some saturation in that field.

    Additionally, and I sound like a downer today, I've taught adult education for a number of years and am opening a vocational school as I type this. I don't think I've met anyone with a degree in adult ed, however, I do know how much money it's costing me to open my school. My vote is to direct your efforts into your state approval process, bank the money and move forward with your entrepreneurial plans.

    In my IL/IA states, high school drop-outs can get free GED services from any community college, is there a situation that allows you to get paid for this through gvt funds? Just curious.
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    If opening a charter school is your endeavor, I’m not certain a teaching certification, in say, special education would be required or even needed (?). However, most states (if not all) offer alternative certification avenues (e.g., post-baccalaureate via university programs or private entities); nonetheless in Texas anyway, teaching, owning or running a charter school does not require state board certification (as do public school districts)—only that the classroom teacher be “highly” qualified in their content area in accordance with No Child Left Behind (NCLB) criteria.

    If your passion is directed at at-risk and/or high school dropouts and you would like to pursue the MA, MS or M.Ed, my suggestion would be a concentration in Adult Education. There are many web-based programs offered and – Kizmet has provided an extensive link.

    Merely some of so many, many programs:

    Ohio University: M.Ed in Adolescent-to-Young Adult w/Licensure
    Adolescent-to-Young Adult Master's with Licnensure

    Penn State: M.Ed in Adult Ed
    Penn State | Online Master of Education in Adult Education

    CSU: Adult Education & Training
    CSU Online Plus - Adult Education and Training | Online Master's Degree - Colorado State University

    UGA: M.Ed in Adult Education
    University of Georgia: Distance Learning Portal

    Oregon State: Ed.M in Adult Education & Higher Ed Leadership
    Adult Education & Higher Ed. Leadership -- Graduate Degrees & Programs -- Online & Distance Degrees -- Oregon State University -- Extended Campus -- Ecampus

    North Carolina State University: M.Ed in Training and Development
    University of North Carolina Online: Master of Education in Training and Development program

    Kansas State: M.Ed in Adult and Continuing Education
    K-State Online Master's Degree in Adult and Continuing Education

    University of Arkansas: M.Ed in Workforce Development Education
    M.Ed. in Workforce Development Education: College of Education and Health Professions

    UW-Milwaukee: M.Ed in Adult & Continuing Education Leadership
    Human Resource & Workforce Development (Online)

    University of Missouri-St. Louis: M.Ed in Adult Education
    UMSL CE-Online Credit Courses

    UMass-Boston: M.Ed in Instructional Design (education, training and development of adult learners in the work place)
    UMass Boston | University College | Master of Education in Instructional Design

    University of Houston-Victoria: M.Ed in Adult and Higher Ed
    University of Houston-Victoria - School of Education

    Northwestern State: MA in Adult Education
    NSU | delt | Home

    Indiana University-Indianapolis: MS in Adult Education
    Adult Education Degree Information : IUPUI

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