Speaking of Russian collusion...

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    So she would never be President.

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    And Clinton, and (a)Podesta, and everyone else it appears.
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    Let the chips fall were they may.
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    Speculation seems to be that the DNC/Clinton campaign's law firm Perkins Coie believes that the court will deny Fusion GPS' petition for an injunction to halt a House Intelligence Committee subpoena requiring TD Bank to turn over Fusion GPS bank records (which presumably provide information on who Fusion GPS was using the bank to pay and who was paying them through that channel).

    So the speculation is that the law firm and its clients, knowing that their identities would be revealed in the bank records, decided to get out in front of the news and 'out' themselves to the Washington Post where they have some ability to control what gets out and to shape how the story is spun.

    House Subpoena Forced Dossier Revelation | The Daily Caller

    Here's the letter that Perkins Coie's General Counsel sent to Fusion GPS' attorneys. I'm guessing that the Washington Post received something similar.


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    Russia Russia Russia probe pointing to DNC & HRC -- SURPRISE!!!

    It was inevitable that the Russia Russia Russia probe would backfire and point directly back to the DNC and to HRC and her henchmen. Publicized exposure is going to be explosive and the alt.left MSM will avoid coverage (as much as possible) to keep it hidden from the United States constituency. However, Congress is going to dig in and people are going to be arrested and charged. As President Trump said, this is the Watergate of the 21st Century.

    This entire fallout is what this writer has been waiting for. Surprise!
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    Right. But precisely who gets to be the Nixon of the 21st century?

    And Manafort - which 21st Century counterpart does he get to play, in this new Watergate musical? : Haldeman? Ehrlichman? Mitchell? Dean? Someone else?

    "We're Haldeman, Ehrlichman, Mitchell and Dean
    Our minds may be dirty - our hands they are clean."

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    Don't know if I'll buy a ticket for this "New Watergate Musical," now playing in Washington. Think I'll wait for the Levicoff review, then decide. :smile:

    "Colson, Krogh, Hunt and Liddy
    The whole darn plot keeps making me giddy."

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    All of the cockroaches are being smoked out of the woodwork. (The pending subpoena of Fusion GPS' bank records seems to have spooked them.)

    It now appears that the never-Trumpers who initially funded Fusion GPS' opposition research on Donald Trump during the Republican primaries were acting through the Washington Free Beacon.

    Conservative website funded initial Fusion GPS Trump opposition effort | Fox News

    Here's the Beacon's statement:

    Fusion GPS and the Washington Free Beacon - Washington Free Beacon

    The insist that they commissioned opposition research on several candidates and not just Trump. They say that all the information they received from Fusion GPS came from public sources. None of it involved former British spy Christopher Steele and none of it came from supposedly highly placed Russian intelligence sources. None of the information they received was in the infamous 'Steele dossier'.

    According to the New York Times , the Free Beacon is funded in some large part by a mega-rich Republican donor named Paul Singer. Singer was a big financial supporter of Marco Rubio's primary campaign, but even after Rubio dropped out Singer remained active in trying to deny Trump the nomination.
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    This is like a tragic comedy.

    It's exactly like the movie The Hunt for Red October; the Democrats launched their torpedo with the Trump-Russia collusion nonsense, knowing full well that it's complete BS, hoping to weaken or at least distract from President Trump's administration, but the torpedo has circled back on them, and is very close to detonating.

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    Since charges are coming from the investigation. I’m guessing it will be Manafort and a Podesta or two. They’ll get Manafort for working with Podesta on the Uranium deal and also charges for him and his dealings with Russia while on Trumps team.
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    I was right on one count. Manafort. Perhaps I'll be proven right on my Podesta guess (https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trump-russia-podesta/washington-lobbyist-tony-podesta-leaves-lobbying-firm-source-idUSKBN1CZ28D) still to be seen if so. And, I was wrong on the Russian collusion ties between Manafort and the Trump campaign...so far. Although if they had Russian collusion on Manafort, wouldn't they announce those charges as well?

    so, I'm at about 33% so far.
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    Nothing about Uranium deal... so maybe just 16.5% right?

    There are a lot of possible reason for prosecutors to exclude certain items from the first charges.

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