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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by TomICAVols, Jan 5, 2005.

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    Dr. Bear may be able to answer your question. I think he visited them year's ago. As a matter of fact, I called Southwest year's ago and was told by, I think some guy named Grace (or something like that), that Dr. Bear referred to Southwest as one of the best "mom and pop shops" out there.
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    Grayce Lee
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    Thank you. I'm surprised I even came close. It was about 5-7 year's ago.
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    Do I really want to attend a school that's a "mom and pop shop" ? :D

    Are we able to contact Dr. Bear? I'd assume he receives a voluminous amount of such contacts.
  6. Rich Douglas

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    John's normally very easy to contact, but he's a bit distracted since his wife's surgeries. Try sending him a PM.

    Regarding "mom and pop" status, I imagine Southwest has grown a bit since its accreditation by DETC.
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    Why get a degree from a "mom and pop shop" when there are distance RA programs out there for about the same price?
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    For more than 20 years, I wrote often that for those people who believed they could benefit from an unaccredited degree, Southwest was one of the best alternatives. Now that they have DETC accreditation, the degree is much more usable . . . although the issues of DETC acceptances vs. RA acceptance has been discussed endlessly on this forum.

    I liked founder Reg Sheldrick a lot, and was sad at his death last year. Since I won't be doing any more Bears' Guideses, I haven't been tracking schools closely for the past two years, so I can't comment on how mom-and-popish* it might be, or be regarded, at this time.

    * Would St. Mary's College be regarded as mom-and-Popish?
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    Re: Re: Southwest University

    I'd LOVE to see an RA MBA program for about the same price. I've yet to find one.
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    I think this makes the earlier students who graduated from SWU
    wile unaccredited happy.

    If one of them requests a transcript today - they get the same transcript that is accredited by DETC.

    How this works?

    I know the dates are older dates but they benefit from accredited status thats for sure.
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    Re: Re: Southwest University

    I think Dans question is a good one. When I asked this question of myself i came up with this answer. I live in a little town and there are two pharmacies. The big chain pharmacy that offers all the bells and whistles and the little "Mom and Pop" pharmacy that has one bell and a whistle that doesn't sound quite right;)
    If saving a buck or two on your prescription is the most important thing...if being able to pick up a bag of chips, a blow dryer and the latest issue of Maxim magazine is the most important...then the big chain pharmacy is the best deal for you. If, however, you'd like to talk to the with the same people every time you walk into the store...have the person behind the counter greet you by name...then the Mom and Pop store is the best deal for you. Different people have different values, perhaps that's why.
    (btw, I usually go to the big chain store and lament that they're not more Mom & Pop-like)
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    Regardless of when you graduated it would be better to have the university accredited even if it was after your graduation.
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    While their hard copy materials aren't the most expensively produced I've ever seen, the staff seems knowledgable and the program seems good enough.

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