Southwest University - What Happened?

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    Does anyone know what happened to Southwest University? They voluntarily withdrew their DEAC accreditation and have removed the website .
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    My guess would be, if they voluntarily withdrew accreditation and shut down their website, that would probably point to a financial collapse. In some cases it can point to an imminent involuntary withdrawal of accreditation where the school knows it can't fix its issues and withdraws before being publicly reamed by an accreditor's final analysis.
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    Disambiguation time:

    Southwest University in Kenner, Louisiana, withdrew its DETC accreditation and removed its website. It was founded in 1983 initially as a school of hypnosis, and was for-profit.

    Southwest University in El Paso, Texas, sometimes but not nearly always styled "Southwest University at El Paso," is an unrelated school and the subject of the KTSM story. It was founded in 1999 as QuickStudy Learning Center, then became Southwest Career Institute, then Southwest Career College. It's for-profit, and nationally accredited by ABHES with specialty approvals in several allied health fields.

    In a typo fail by KTSM, the article also calls the El Paso school "Southwestern University." That's another unrelated school, an RA nonprofit in Georgetown, Texas founded in 1840 and the oldest university in Texas.
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    The University of Philosophical Research has bitten the dust as well. Strange because they had just applied for accreditation renewal.
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    I really hate seeing school closures. Students and alumni suffer. Moreover, with the right team in place, I believe turnaround is always possible. I wish there were a way to identify struggling schools and offer consulting services to get struggling schools back on track. Short of breach of fiduciary duty, there is always a way to fix things. Sad to see an accredited school go down.
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    Perhaps some schools shouldn't be saved
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