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    I'm in the midst of my MBA from Southwest. Let me say I've never had such personalized attention. The work is challenging but manageable. The staff is first-rate. The tuition is very well priced and they have added some certificates on the grad/undergrad level and also some undergrad programs. I can't say enough about the experiences I've had so far. Check them out if you're looking at business or criminal justice areas. See When I was looking at potential schools, I heard Dr. Bear give them high marks. I concur, and I'm grateful to be a student there.
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    Glad to hear things are going well. Keep us updated.
  3. Ted Heiks

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    See if that fixes the link.
  4. Abner

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    Excellent, glad to hear it!!!

    Abner :)
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    Excellent Service!

    I am enrolled in the BSCJ and can verify that the student service is outstanding. Many times I have spoken with Dr. Lee and she has supplied the answer to every question I had.

    Additionally, she has been very flexible with my course work completion. Working as a Army Recruiter can limit the time I can spend on my studies and she understands this.
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    Great school with lots of personal attention. I am currently working towards completing my BS in criminal justice. I would certainly recommend them to anyone interested in continuing their education.
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    I'm bumping this older thread because I am looking for current Southwest graduate students. I'm especially interested in the MSCJ program and I was wondering how their course projects are structured.

    Thanks :)
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    DITTO & Thanks!

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