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    In an ealier post a few months ago I was contemplating in switching from Southwest University to an RA program to complete my BS in criminal justice. I currently have an AS from Excelsior College. As I said in my previous post most of my colleagues have RA degrees and I was not sure of the acceptance of a DETC degree within my agency. However, after already taking three classes and only needing seven more to graduate with a BS in criminal justice, I decided to see it through. I also learned that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) which regulates most law enforcement functions in the state, recognizes degrees from any accredited institution on CHEA's list for incentive pay. $30.00 for an A.S. and $80.00 for a B.S. monthly. I hope to continue into a masters in public administration from an RA school. Anyone know of any schools that offers this degree via DL at a reasonable price and that accepts my DETC degree for admission?
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    Personally, I would consider NCU. Excellent school that conditionally accepts DETC degrees. They have a law enforcement scholarship program as well.
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    Thanks, NCU seems like a good choice.
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    I will second NCU's MBA in Public Admin. Some other RA CJ programs that accept DETC undergrad degrees that I have found were Norwich University (MSCJ) U of Phoenix which is an interesting degree in Master of Science in the Administration of Justice and Security...uh....MSAJS.
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