Southern Careers Institute and IAP "College"

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    I stumbled onto these after being pitched to apply for a director position on my LinkedIn for SCI. A Google search turned up info on SCI in Texas, and how they're expanding here. And it also brought up IAP in the search column.

    One thing that stuck out with SCI is the name. There was a Southern "Career" Institute, back in the day, from Boca Raton, Florida, that was DETC accredited at the time. That school has long since dissolved. This doesn't seem to keep Southern "Careers" Institute from stating that they've been in the education business for 60 plus years. Maybe one of the Florida owners started something up using the old name again? Thoughts?

    IAP "College", and I use the term college loosely here, states that they're accredited, but only by the BBB. The BBB, at least when I was in business full time, continually pitched me to become an accredited business as long as I paid their price. So I give little to no credence to this "accreditation". It looks to me as a roundabout way to sell their books in course form and issue out a certificate that has little or no value. Alison courses strike me as having similar courses with less cost and better value. Opinions?

    Anyone else have anything to add?
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    I looked at some of Southern's sites and some of their Google stats. Their acceptance rate in at least one location was listed as 100%. That's troubling. I also noted their student assistants - those who work directly with students - are said to make $8.50 an hour. That's troubling, too. (Recruiters were said to earn $32+ per hour.) Further, I read a Google review that noted:
    "USED to be a great place until they changed directors, fired staff." Sounds like it could be a troubled place to work or go to school.

    IAP is known to me They advertise here in Canada and their course prices are $149 Canadian and are said to take six weeks. I don't expect they're going to do much for $149. Maybe mark a few ticky-box tests on a template.

    Alison, in contrast, I've found to be very good, even at a considerably lower price. My teacher for Islamic Banking and Finance was an acknowledged expert who taught the subject at Master's level at a well-known Australian University. For Psychology of Language, the instructor was a PhD who taught at an Indian IIT - those are among India's finest schools. Surprising amount of bang for the buck in Alison courses.

    And, concerning mention of BBB in terms of "accreditation" - to me, that's just a chutzpah demonstration. They pull that out of the hat when they have no other kind of accreditation to show. It's certainly meaningless "accreditation" in academic terms.
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