South Dakota to Take Stronger Look at DL Courses

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  1. Rich Douglas

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    Article Here

    The state will take a QA look at DL courses offered by South Dakota schools every three years.

    From the article: "It's very difficult to teach an on-line course," she said. "You can't slop it together."

    Implying, of course, that classroom-based courses CAN be "slopped together." Too funny.

    Weird comment in the article: "We're trying to assure the folks of South Dakota that they're not getting into diploma mill types of things," she said. (Diploma mills are Internet programs offered through non-accredited institutions.)

    If they're worried about that, it's already taken care of by definition: Take courses from accredited schools. But it seems the state's Board of Regents is actually concerned about the quality of courses being offered by the accredited schools in the state. That's why the comment about diploma mills is strange.
  2. CLSeibel

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    Thanks for sharing this. I hadn't heard anything about this yet. We are preparing to significantly increase our online offerings during calendar year 2006, with the first class of students in our "contextual learning" MA coming on board. We are likely to follow this with the launching of a context-based MDiv in 2007. Both of these programs will involve students earning approximately 32 hours of credit through online courses.

    I believe that we have experienced considerable success in online teaching and learning thus far. I trust that, with our commitment to excellence, we will be looked upon favorably.
  3. Rob Coates

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    Cool! That's my hometown newspaper. I did the first two years of college at DSU. Actually, they've been offering coursework on-line for many years now.
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  4. CLSeibel

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    Perhaps you've heard that it was just announced this past week that DSU would begin offering their first PhD, in information technology, in the near future.
  5. Rob Coates

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    No, I hadn't heard that. Thanks for the info. I never thought I'd see the day that DSU would be offering a Ph.D. in anything.

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