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    I am new to this site so please excuse a question that might appear to be very obvious to some people, "Why would someone from the US want to get a doctorate degree from South Africa or the UK? What are the benefits?
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    Once upon a time there were relatively few US universities that offered PhD programs through any form of distance learning. Non-US universities were a valuable source of options in that regard. Now DL PhDs are more common in the US but there are still certain subject areas (like History) that are underrepresented. Also, especially in the case of South African degrees, the currency exchange rate if quite favorable making those degree remarkably inexpensive.
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    In some special cases, a UK degree can also be quite cost effective. For example, there are University of London International Programmes and ACCA/Oxford Brookes degree scheme in Applied Accounting. Also, Heriott-Watt University's Edinburgh Business School - their DBA is cheaper than the cheapest RA DBA (that's California Southern) and has a better name.
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    The UK universities have degrees by research. It may appeal to some to try to earn a degree based on research.
    A doctorate (research degree) is the highest degree awarded by universities in the UK. Candidates for the qualification are required to submit a thesis or dissertation consisting of sufficient original material to be deemed publishable.
    Types of research degree include Ph.D., EngD, MD, EdD, and Master by Research.

    Some holders of qualifications may find UK universities that will accept the qualification into a degree program.
    Depends on the type of qualification, it can be the final year of a bachelors degree or entry in to masters degree and in some cases entry into a Ph.D. degree.

    Cost also can be a factor and the fact that UK degrees are from English speaking country
    makes them accepted well in other countries including the USA.

    I see a German State Certified Engineer a level 6 on EQF and DQF being accepted into Master of Engineering degree program.
    The German "Satish Grupen Techniker" is a combination of 3.5 years of approved apprenticeship with 2 years or Technical school and passing state examinations.

    Many USA colleges will have an issue with the apprenticeship as academic credit, they may accept credit for the two years of technical school only, depends on the school.

    So there is clear advantage to apply to U of Liverpool or others who will accept the qualification etc.

    There are other reasons as well.

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