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  1. Barry

    Barry New Member

    Can anyone tell me if approval by the "South African Qualifications Authority" meets GAAP standards? Has anyone every heard of them?

    There is a school advertising on the internet that claims their degree granting authority from the above organization.

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    Their website can be accessed at:

    The GAAP criteria for a non-US school is:
    (Bears' Guide, 14th Ed.)

    1. Recognized by (or more commonly, a part of) the relevant national education agency.

    2. Schools the agency accredits are routinely listed in one or more of the following publications: the International Handbook of Universities; the Commonwealth Universities Yearbook; the World Education Series; or the Countries Series.

    If this school is recognized by the South African Dept. of Education (as is the University of South Africa, Potchefstroom University, University of Cape Town, etc.) then it meets GAAP criteria.

    The South African Dept. of Education web site is:

    I am currently enrolled in the Ph.D. in practical theology program at Potchefstroom University, 131 year old school, located in Potchefstroom, SA.

    Hope this helps!

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    Actually, to access the SA DOE website, the www is not used, only:

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    I was at the SAQA website last fall (investigating some statements made by SUI to a colleagu of mine re: an involvement with SAQA). At that time SAQA stated that all schools from out of SA doing business in SA must have accreditation from SAQA. "Accreditation" is the term that was used. SAQA also published a list of schools which didn't yet have such accreditation and were not to do business in SA until receiving such accreditation - SUI was one of the schools (at that time).

  5. John Bear

    John Bear Senior Member

    SAQA is an enigma to me at this point. I did ask a friend of mine, who is a Member of Parliament in South Africa, and very much interested in nontraditional education, and Louis Luyt's reply was that SAQA is bogus. I haven't yet determined whether that was an opionion as to how it is doing its job, or a statement of fact. Still looking at it.

    John Bear
  6. DWCox

    DWCox member

    I was once advised by The University of Pretoria that before I could be admitted to any of UP's doctoral programs my USA (RA)graduate degrees would have to be reviewed and validated by the South African Qualification Authority. Upon receipt UP would accept and review my application.

    For what it's worth!

  7. Tom Head

    Tom Head New Member

    My first encounter with SAQA arose when I was skimming the ICDL database, and ran across a business school in South Africa that was a branch of unaccredited Newport University (CA), claiming SAQA accreditation.

    I have absolutely no idea what, if anything, this accreditation means.


  8. Barry

    Barry New Member

    This school claims to be a campus of the University of Zululand and that your degree can be granted from that University.

  9. Barry

    Barry New Member

    I've been searching the net for more info on the SAQA. Unless I'm misunderstanding my findings, this body does accredit schools in South Africa and is approved by their Dept. of Ed.

    I am hoping that some of you who have a better grasp of education will be able to help me here. The following link will take you to a document that seems to verify what I've stated above.

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  11. Barry

    Barry New Member

    The school is at:

    The problem I am having is that the President of the school has his degrees from a US degree mill.

  12. Guest

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    Several of the degrees are from (IMO) less-than-wonderful schools. According to the web site, however, he just completed a D.Th. from the University of Zululand.

    The site states that at the undergrad level one may choose to enroll at either SATS or UoZ. I have never seen a program where one had that option, although this doesn't mean such programs don't exist. It doesn't give the same claim for master's or doctoral degrees.

    I would do the research and make sure the degree you seek will definitely be awarded by the UoZ, which would be a GAAP degree.

    Also, if it is a degree in theology/religion which you are pursuing, have you considered the Potchefstroom/GST program? Its economical, manageable, recommended by John Bear, and meets GAAP criteria.

  13. Barry

    Barry New Member

    If you go to their application, they have a place to check off which degree you're applying for, and then whether you want to earn it from SATS or Univ. of Zululand. They make no distinction as far as level of degree goes. I wrote to them and am awaiting a reply.

    I have checked out Potch and am still considering them.

  14. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    This is also true for admittance to the Technikon of Southern Africa. Foreigners must have their qualifications (degrees) evaluated by SAQA prior to being admitted to study.

    Rich Douglas, Ph.D. (Candidate)
    Centro de Estudios Universitarios
    Monterry, NL, Mexico

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