Some info on AMU MS Space Studies please?

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    Dear all,
    I am very interested in the MS in Space Studies (MSSS) at the American Military University and I would really appreciate if some experts here could shed some light on this...

    (a) What is the kind of workload required for the courses? I have been searching around in this forum and it seems to me that the coursework is something like 40 to 60 pages of paper for each course. However, since the MSSS is rather technical (or is it?) is it difficult to produce 4 to 6 papers each of 10 pages for each course merely on technical stuff?

    (b) Is the course very specialized in terms of technical details? Are there a lot of calculus or electromagnetic stuff required?

    (c) There are 9 credits of electives and I intend to transfer some of my graduate credits over so that I take only 9 courses to complete the MSSS. Does anyone know if the AMU is generous in credit transfer?

    For your info my background is an MS in criminal justice and an MBA in electronic commerce. Thanks!

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    I was working on this for personal enrichment but put it on hold to finish my MBA.

    It's far more policy and history than it is high-tech but there is some math and physics to be concerned about.

    They are very generous about transfer credit but there are limits. At the time, I didn't have any grad credit to transfer in but I heard from others that they aren't overly critical as long as you can show it has some relationship to what you're working on.

    Don't fall behind, especially in the short semester courses. This isn't one to try to write a paper at the last minute (not that any of our DL posters would do that) and it's one you'll need to really plan to read in.

    I'm looking forward to jumping back into it next year.
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    Thanks again for the info! Really appreciate your help ;-)

    Wish you all a very Merry Christmas!


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