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    Hi all :)
    I've posted a few times on this board. I've been accepted to Nova for a Masters in Educational Technology. However my Bachelors will be in Sociology. Are there any Masters programs that offer Sociology or maybe a closely related field? I've looked in the past and have had little luck in finding any programs.

    Thank You
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    Sociology Masters?


    University of Bradford (
    University of Calicut (
    Charles Sturt University (
    Madurai Kamaraj University (
    University of Melbourne (
    University of New England (
    Open University (
    University of South Africa (
    South Bank University (
    University of Tasmania (
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    Bradford doesn't have a sociology MA to start with and will only do DL if you go there for intensive weeks.

    The OU doesn't accept students from North America except on a very limited (and they're all tech or business-related) number of courses.

    South Bank only does DL for a range of health care and their education for sustainability course.


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