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    I find it funny that you refer to Fort Hayes State University as "this website". It's a fully accredited brick-and-mortar school in Hayes, Kansas with a good academic reputation.
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    I was just saying that since bribery for better grades seems so rampant in Russia, is their level of accreditation the same level as in other countries?

    From the article below:

    "Even Moscow State University, the most famous one in Russia, is no stranger to bribery.

    One of its former professors, Nina Sorokina, says low salaries force many teachers to accept bribes for extra cash.

    “This university is extremely popular; students pay to pass entrance exams, and professors are tempted to profit from this situation,” Sorokina says."

    Here is some more info on Moscow State:

    Even at Moscow State University, the country's most prestigious, bribery is common, said Denis, a student there who spoke on condition he not be further identified.

    "In my department, an exam costs $100, while a test costs $50 to $100," he said. "In other, more prestigious departments, like the law and economic departments, you may pay up to $200 for an exam."

    To buy admission to Moscow State University costs about $50,000 for the law department and $10,000 to $20,000 for the journalism department, Denis said.
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    I know! I said it like that that as a joke.
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    We do not call them fights, we call them discussions! :rolleyes:
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    On a similar note a I recall someone selling his Degree on ebay.

    He didn't change the name, just stated this thing cost $60,000 I'll take best offer and include the frame!

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