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    I currently have a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and would like to pursue a MBA in Health Care Administration/Management.
    The issue that I am encountering is that I have is my job requires about 50+ hours of work per week. I am therefore limited to studying approximately 10-15 hours per week. Most online schools cram one course into about 8 weeks and require about 20 or more hours a week of study.

    Are there online schools that have longer course times, such as 12 or 16 weeks per course? Are there self-paced schools where you can finish a course according to your schedule over a longer period of time.

    I do not want to feel overwhelmed with work and school. I am not in a hurry to obtain my Masters degree, but I eventually want to obtain it in 3-4 years. Most schools pride themselves on stating a person can graduate in two years.
    Western Governors University seems like a suitable university for me, but the requirement is 3 courses in 6 months. This equates to one course every 8 weeks.
    Thank you for any feedback you can provide.
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    I suspect WGU may be the place for you. One might even argue that their MBA ( which I have) is a one year program. It just isn't super demanding. Busy work is largely eliminated, and you never have to wait to move ahead. You can start and stop at your leisure as well, so if work gets hard simply back out of school for a time, go back when you're ready. Many have completed a WGU MBA in a single semester (6 months).

    I too work in health care and have found the WGU MBA to provide exactly the sort of career lift most seek from a professional masters program. Not just me, the school is popular within my system and I've watched the credential improve the promotion prospects of others. In fact my hospital paid for my WGU MBA, buy with confidence.
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    Actually, this isn't true and so it's good that you've asked the question. There are about 200 online MBA programs in the US and I'd guess that most of them stick to the traditional 16 week semester. Many of these programs are listed in this forum and so I suggest that you read a bunch of the threads to begin to see the range of options. Cost tends to be another decision point and so you may want to begin to develop some clarity about what you can afford.
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    These are certainly options. But I cannot imagine what would compel a person to choose one of them over WGU.
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    Thank you for this information! I definitely have to research my options.

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