Self-Paced Bachelors Degree For Less Than $2000?

Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by toyangco, Aug 5, 2018.

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    Same here. My advice, unless you are doing this for professional development where the degree is not important, one should wait until someone from DI completes all the courses and report the outcome. My plan is to complete all the courses and report back to DI but that could take a while. In the meantime, one should pursue a sure degree.
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    Great suggestions from AsianStew, as always, though some might require exceptional effort (and possibly no sleep for a few months :) ). Some involve taking five distance courses simultaneously and completing them very quickly. Others involve getting 90 credits from various sources and finishing at a specific school - and yes, those 90 credits can be inexpensive, but not free. They add up quickly.

    Another suggestion: Maybe ask University of the People if you can qualify for a 50% scholarship (or better). That would put the entire degree in the $2000 range, for you - from one (good) school, no marathons needed. Maybe they can do even better and you get 100% of the cost paid. They have 100% scholarships. Their scholarship page is here:
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    I can hardly wait for the day that Toyangco makes it happen! And I believe he will...
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    Sorry I missed this thread earlier, or I'd have said something then.

    I've been looking at - and commenting on - Malaysian distance programs in forums since around 2004-5: OUM, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Multimedia U., Wawasan, LimKokWing - quite a few. They averaged $5,000 for a Bachelor's back then - and it's a relief to know, thanks to Toyangco, that they're still very reasonable - in North American terms. But they're way out of Toyangco's ballpark of $2,000. Nevertheless, with some DI members' help, he will find what he's looking for, though not, obviously, in Malaysia. Yes, I believe he will.
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  5. toyangco

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    Thank you for the kind words. I really hope I can indeed make it happen. Given all these great options, I am still leaning towards University of the People and SMC University because of the sheer difficulty of doing the coursework during the intended timeframe to achieve the suggestions made by Asianstew.
  6. AsianStew

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    Actually, for the U of People and the other recommendations I mentioned. They require you to do the free Saylor exams to get 90 credits to transfer into the business programs. There is no difference until you hit the final 30 credits at the school you decide to go to. So, forget the school - just get your credits from Saylor and worry about the school after you hit 90+ credits from Saylor. You basically need to transfer 90 credits (75% of 120) into the school of choice and finish the final 30 credits (residency requirement) at U of People or any other school I mentioned.
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    Either way, Saylor Academy is the bomb!
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    Asian Stew posted a ton of great options. One cool thing about Ashworth that almost nobody seems to utilize (I was told this by a school official) is their Life/Work Exam program. You can test out of up to 10 courses in a Bachelors program (that's equivalent to two semesters at Ashworth) and save a ton of money, and time.
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    I found a $2000 program from Brigham young university but that low price is only for mormons :(

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