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  1. NMTTD

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    So I will just ignore the mean people and only pay attention to the ones that are helpful.

    Here's what's happening with me. Literally in the last 12 hours, life as I know it has drastically changed. Due to some personal things that have happened with my husband and son, I have to make some major changes to my future plans. I have to make some serious decisions, and some of them include school. I don't really have the luxury of spending time in school to try and get a "pie in the sky" dream job that will likely not pan out. So I need to re-evaluate what I'm doing.

    I was looking at doing something in the international area, with diplomacy and human rights. Well, that's not really a viable, realistic goal anymore. So I need to change things up. I have a few things that interest me, and I'm thinking of switching up my schooling and goals to accommodate that. One of the things I really enjoy is helping people figure out their financial aid, their classes, what colleges and programs will suit them, and helping them find appropriate scholarships and clubs and the like. So I was thinking I would look into something like College Student Affairs, Student Services, Educational Leadership in Higher Education, something like that. I spoke with a few people today at ASU who said there are positions such as Director of Student Affairs, Dean of Students, etc that would fit the bill. It was recommended that I look into doing a M.Ed in Educational Leadership, Higher Education, something like that. Then I would need either a PhD or EdD in Higher Education or Educational Leadership or something in that field.

    Here's my dilemma. In looking on Google, I was almost drowning in schools that offer degrees like this, similar to this, etc... Some schools I had heard of, many I hadn't. So I need to ask you guys which programs and schools are RA, well respected, and offer the appropriate programs in this area. Has to be online, and needs to be in the degree field I need (M.Ed in one of the fields I mentioned, same with EdD).

    Any and all help (and I do mean HELP, not snarky responses) I can get from you guys would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

  2. Kizmet

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    You are going to find a DL MEd degree program in virtually every state university system in the USA. Now some might say that UConn is a better school than UMass or that the Texas system is better than the North Carolina system but I don't know that anyone will be able to present to you a definitive answewr. Some programs cost you the same regardless of where you're living (in-state v out-of-state tuition, etc.). When you get to the doctoral level you 'll find far fewer options but I'd advise you not to think too far ahead in that regard.

    I'm sorry for your troubles and I hope that you have friends and family around you to share the burden.
  3. SteveFoerster

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    I enjoyed doing that stuff too, but the reality is that it doesn't pay squat, so if that's a factor for you, don't dismiss it. You mention Director and Dean positions, those typically take years to work up to. I realize cold water is probably the last thing you want right now, but I've had those positions and I know what I'm talking about here.

    One thing you could do is consider studying educational technology. Colleges and universities are chock full of people who don't know their ethernet port from a hole in the ground. There's a saying that in the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king, and it doesn't take much technical knowledge to be the one-eyed person in many of the technologically benighted lands we call the higher education system. If you're at all technically minded, and determined to work in higher ed, I'd recommend you consider it. But no matter what, good luck.
  4. rebel100

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    Keep your chin up.
  5. NMTTD

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    I was told to have the right master's, 3-5 years experience, and then I can get into some pretty good positions in Student Affairs. Then I can continue working in those positions while I work on the doctorate degree, and then I have the experience and proper credentials to have a good shot at getting into the higher up positions. I am approved for full Pell and work study grants, so I can use the grant to pay me to work at ASU in a number of positions in the student affairs department that are for work study only students. So I can make money and get experience while I work towards my degrees. And once I hit the graduate level (and have at least 2 yrs experience) I can get hired on as an actual employee and have tuition covered. For what i need, these positions would be great. I talked to various people about benefits, pay, etc and if I can get hired on in one of the positions I want, I can make $55- $60k/year. Once I have my doctorate and have the added experience behind me (at that point I would have about 7-8 yrs experience in the various areas within the Student Affairs dept) I could easily have a shot at getting hired for one of the "higher up" positions I want at about $75-$80k a year. And again, if I can stay on with ASU while I do my studies, they will pay all of it if I go there or 75% of my tuition if I go elsewhere. So either way, the ROI will be good in that I won't have much out of pocket costs. SO with all that said, can anyone recommend some good programs that offer what I need via DL? ASU doesnt have it. I would like RA (obviously) and maybe some name recognition (I dont care if that sounds crappy, its what I want). Maybe something with a well known education program. Thanks for the help!!
  6. Koolcypher

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    Welcome back :yup: I second what Kizmet and Steve have said. Good luck to you and always keep your head up. Always remember that sometimes life has a funny way of throwing challenges at us, however, we become stronger by overcoming them and oftentimes, albeit hard to see at first, are a blessing in disguise.
  7. mbaonline

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    NMTTD, sorry for your troubles and glad you're back. I think with 2-3 years to finish your undergrad, you don't need to pick a program now. I respectfully suggest working at ASU in progressively more responsible jobs that "sorta" fit what you want to do and re-evaluate in 2014 - you don't need to pick a school now and good programs may emerge in the meantime. The liberal studies will be a good launching platform for many masters.

    I think Steve's educational technology idea is good. You could also consider a Master's in Library Sciences or Info Sciences.
  8. DxD=D^2

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    NMTTD have you considered school counseling? I know that American Public University has a Masters in School Counseling degree.

    However, if you really want the Ed.M, I would go w/ University of Illinois

    U of I Online - Online Degrees

    They have a lot of different Ed.M with different emphasis. They have this degree, which may really help you in you quest:

    Ed.M. in Educational Organization & Leadership with an emphasis in Educational Leadership and Policy

    Hope this helps you.
  9. NMTTD

    NMTTD Active Member

    This is exactly what I was looking for. I know I have time to figure it all out, and normally I would be happy to just get through my undergrad and then see what's what. But I have 36 credits already done. By the time the fall semester is finished in Dec I will have 48 finished. I plan to double up for the spring and summer semesters (instead of 2 classes per term x 2 terms per semester, I will do 3 classes per term x 2 terms per semester) so that by the time I start the Fall 2013 semester I will have 84 credits done. I will continue this pace until I graduate after the Spring 2014 term (May/June sometime. Whenever they hold the graduation.) That puts me graduating a whole year early. I dont have time to mosey around and graduate whenever. I need to hurry up and finish so I can move on to the next phase of my education, get done, and start making money. Educating myself has gone from a lifelong goal, a luxury, to a necessity that needs to be done as quickly and efficiently as possible. That's why I'm looking at master's degrees now. Of course the doctorate isn't something I need to worry about right at the moment, and hopefully in the next few years there will be more online options for it. But I'm concentrating on working at ASU, getting experience while I get my degree, looking at different master's programs, and figuring out what the hell I'm gonna do next. So any additional suggestions about schools and programs would be excellent. Thanks!!
  10. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator

    Since your ulimate plan is to get a masters, have you reconsidered getting a bachelorrs from one of the "Big 3"? You have the option to get done faster and possibily cheaper.
  11. rebel100

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    Sounds like familiar advice! You could be done in less than a year...18 months max and on to other more important things....just saying. :)
  12. soupbone

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    Pretty much what I was coming to post. It's not that the location of your bachelor's isn't important, but if you're positive that a master's degree and even a doctorate is in your future, the undergrad school (as long as it's accredited) doesn't really mean all that much (unless you're applying to a highly selective program).

    This is assuming your GPA is fine and all other academic priorities are in order. You obviously want to ensure you're able to gain admittance to the school of your choice (master/doctorate). Clep and Dantes are really invaluable ways of gaining quick credit.
  13. vinodgopal

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    My suggestions apart from the ones that have already been listed plus the one you have been thinking however since there are 1000's of distance learning schools spread across the US and other parts of the world, i would think a Masters in distance learning might itself yield you a good prospect. Think of it this way - half full glass of water instead of half empty. There are godzillion places where they could hire you and you fit the bill into just about any department in any college brick and mortor or through a web portal.

    Just quoting something that took me 2 google seconds to come out with.

    "TheMaster of Distance Education & E-leaning (MDE) program is offered by the Graduate School of Management and Technology (GSMT) at the University of Maryland University College (UMUC) in partnership with the Center for Life-long Learning (C3L) at Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg (OL).

    The Master of Distance Education program is designed for working adults who want to complete their degree without interrupting their careers, and aspire to enhancing their professional skills and competencies within or moving into the distance education field. The recent rapid growth of distance education – and e-learning – in both public and private education, as well as in the training sectors, has created an enormous demand for qualified professionals. The MDE provides the comprehensive, practical knowledge needed to lead the distance education enterprise within educational, business, government, and non-profit organizations.

    The curriculum requires 36 credits of coursework and is divided into 15 credits of required core coursework, and 21 credits of required coursework, including a 3-credit capstone course, from one of the program specializations."

    ^^ Something like this one or there are more of these.

    You certainly cannot be ruled out for a postion of student affairs or director of admissions with this masters as it is one of the relevant industries but what you are also unleashing through this course is an endless opportunity to float across your resume to just about any university there is. Plus you can work freelance too.
  14. NMTTD

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    Thanks for the suggestion. I just worry, though, because I do not want to teach at all. I have no desire to do it, I don't have the patience, and it seems tedious and droning. So I worry that if I get that particular degree, I will then need to actually teach.
  15. NMTTD

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    Can I get some opinions on these schools/programs? Are they any good? Are they well known and respected? Anyone know anything about them and want to venture an opinion?

    M.Ed. in Higher Education Administration | Northeastern College of Professional Studies

    Masters in Educational Administration | Online Worldwide | U. Of Nebraska

    M.S. in College Student Affairs Degree Program | NSU Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences

    Master of Science in Leadership : Prospective Students :: Fischler School
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  16. Randell1234

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    I can only speak for Nova - they are well respected. I think they had a Masters in Education and something with BrainBox or BrainLab or something like that in the title. The program was only $300 per credit which was a real good deal.
  17. japhy4529

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    Drexel is an excellent, Tier 1 school (cough, cough) located in Philadelphia. If you can afford it, I would place this school in your list of top choices.
  18. SteveFoerster

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    GWU's MA in Educational Technology Leadership is highly ranked and surprisingly inexpensive. I've always been satisfied with the level of opportunity that having done their program has offered me.
  19. TonyM

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  20. NMTTD

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    Excellent!! Thanks you :)

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