Scholarship for Indian students which are replacing education loans

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    Scholarships here, scholarships there, scholarships are everywhere. The questions that still confuses a lot of students is how to find the right scholarship. This is especially true for students who wish to pursue high-value courses where tuition fee is high and a single scholarship is not enough to cover the cost of education. I bet you are always on the lookout for scholarships that are genuine, easy to win and promise a reward big enough to cover all expenses. This is why I came up with the idea of writing this post - a curated list that answers just this question.

    Here is a list of top five scholarships, both national and international, that pack more than INR one lac as the reward for Indian students. Go on, give it a try. After all, the only scholarships you don't stand a chance to win are the ones you do not apply for.

    Top five high-value scholarships for Indian students

    Here is the list of scholarships that offer a minimum of INR one lac as the scholarship reward. For more details about the scholarship, refer to the infographic below or visit the link. Do not miss out on these scholarships.

    Mobite Foundation Post Graduation Endowment Scholarship 2018

    Knight-Bagehot Fellowship 2018

    CSIR Innovation Award for School Children

    LPU National Entrance and Scholarship Test

    GIIS Singapore Global Citizen Scholarship

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    There have been a conspicuous number of links to this Buddy4Study site lately. Mods?
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    And for those wondering, 1 Lac (or Lakh) = 100,000
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    Today, that's $1,557.57 US.

    As Steve says, we've been here before - same poster. 6 threads in a month by Kriya Shukla - pretty much same topic. Here they are, all six:

    Cleanup in Aisle 42....
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    Well, I don't think I've posted anything irrelevant. If any of the members have an issue with this then I'll stop posting or giving information which I think is useful for the users. :)
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    Are distance learning students eligible to receive these scholarships?
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    (1) Not AT ALL likely that a non-Indian is going to walk away with the only significant prize: usually ONE scholarship worth $1500. The rest of awards are fractional and hardly of use to students in Western countries. They usually ask for HS marks etc. to be submitted on the usual Indian documents, so it looks like they're not expecting non-Indian students. Even if they do admit foreigners to the contest, there's another catch: The money is good for study world-wide, but as I said once before, good luck beating the ONE top Indian student who's in the running for the $1500. If you can equal or surpass his/her past performance, you can get a much higher-value scholarship here, I'm sure. It's not as if India had a monopoly on scholarships.

    I don't find posts such as this, or the deluge of Buddy4Study links useful - but if someone whose opinion actually counts disagrees -- OK. Let the mods decide.
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    In that regard, here's the way I generally think about it. It's about balance. If a person is ONLY posting links to one site or even if they're initiating discussion on ONLY one topic then it seems like a clear case of shilling/trolling. But if a person is participating in the general DL discussion, responding to other posts on various topics, etc. and within that context drops in some links to a specific site now and then that seems different. For example, I make mention of the While Lotus all the time but that doesn't mean . . . well, umm, maybe that's not the best example. I think you get my meaning. "One-hit-wonders" rarely last very long.

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