SATS possibly to introduce D.Th program

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    I swapped a few emails with Reuben van Rensburg (the vice-principal) about that last month. It sounds like they're now hoping to get cleared for candidacy in the first half of 2006.

    Also their registrar, Ms Leschenne Honiball, sent me the following information when I made initial inquiry about the status of their application.

    The programme will be registered on
    level 10 on the new National Qualifications Framework and will equal 360
    credit hours (approximately 3 years).

    Our Doctoral programme will offer you a wide range of focus areas, each of
    which is supervised by highly competent academic specialists, who have been
    very carefully selected to provide you with the levels of service
    excellence, for which we have become known. You can choose from the
    following programme fields:

    Practical Theology
    Pastoral Counselling
    Systematic Theology
    Old Testament
    New Testament
    Biblical Studies

    You will be required to write about 220-240 page thesis, (12 point font,
    one-and-a-half spacing). There is no coursework and no exam. All work is
    submitted and returned via email, except, of course, the final bound copy.

    Entrance requirements
    The pre-requisite is an appropriate Master of Theology degree (or
    equivalent). The Seminary offers a free, no obligation evaluation of your
    transcripts, which can either be faxed to us at +27 11 234-4445 or scanned
    and sent as email attachments to [email protected]. We will initiate a
    response to your request within three days of receipt.

    To be announced.

    I really like SATS -- everything from the way they have carried themselves, their broad evangelical approach, their vision to make theological education accessible, their academic standards. I'm sure it will take time for the DTh to gain recognition but I have no doubt that if they get the green light for this that they will put together a quality program (or should I say "programme"?).
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    Come to think of it, the scarecrow on "The Wizard of Oz" was given a ThD (Doctor of Thinkology) by the wizard. I wonder if it was RA??!?:D

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