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    Hello, my name is Sam. I graduated from University of California Irvine with a BA in (general) Social Science. Nine months after I graduated from UC Irvine, I went to Korea and lived there for 9 years, teaching English in the public school system.

    I completed an online TEFL certificate in 2009 and completed another online TEFL certificate just last month.

    I am currently enrolled as a student in Northcentral University's Master of Education, with an emphasis in English as a Second Language. The only real reason that I chose Northcentral is that they offer weekly start dates every Monday....

    I plan to take one or two classes at Northcentral until I am admitted to the online MA in Bilingual/ESL Education program at the University of Texas of the Permian Basin.

    My ultimate goal is to return to South Korea so that I can teach English (EFL) on a full-time basis.

    I am enjoying all the info on this site.
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    What is the general consensus regarding Northcentral University?
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    Of all the reasons to select a university, one of the most important investments of your life, you really based your decision on which one has the most frequent start dates?
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    There's nothing wrong with Northcentral. It's a perfectly good school. Perhaps more expensive than some other schools but whatever credits you earn should transfer without problem. Hint: Don't take more credits than Texas will accept.
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    Thank you for a substantive reply Kismet

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