Saint Remus University & College

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  1. bgossett

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  2. AWN

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    I think this is really a bad joke but you never know some unsuspecting, naive or dishonest person(s) may try to get there "degree" from there.
  3. Mike Albrecht

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    Re: Re: Saint Remus University & College

    Nope the bad jokes where the banner adds above:

  4. uncle janko

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    Look, there is some idiot out there who still has his knickers in a twist over L.I.A.R., so never underestimate the truly sorry stupidity loose within the brotherhood of man (we all suffer).

    Having said that, this is semi-clever.
  5. roysavia

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    Yes. But if it's accredited by Krusty the Clown, it has to be a bona fide institution. HA :eek:
  6. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    St. Remus University....Uncle Janko....

    Uncle Remus University?

    "Please don't throw me into that degree mill...." :D
  7. roy maybery

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    I think this institution might be bogus. I asked the local Catholic Priest and he said quote: "as far as I know uncle Remus has not been cannonized"

    Roy Maybery
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  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    The President's page is very funny.

    He must have seen the old Amos 'n' Andy episode where Kingfish convinced Andrew H. Brown he could graduate from college in a week because he would not be involved in all the "smooching and that other stuff."
  9. John Bear

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    Roy Maybery: ""as far as I know uncle Remus has not been cannonized"

    John: I believe Joel Chandler Harris is a part of the Western Literary Canon.*

    * You can see an actual foto of the can(n)on

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