Rush - Neil Peart dies at 67

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Michigan68, Jan 10, 2020.

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    Gee, I never would have known this! Well, except for the article on CNN, which I could have viewed directly. Or the five articles on this that were on the front page of Google News.

    And my response to both this post and all of those other articles was, "Um, who???"

    In other words, I never heard of the guy. Or the group.

    Seriously, some of you people need a life adjustment. Hell, I'm a theatre geek. And just a couple of weeks ago, Jerry Herman died at the age of 88. He's the guy that wrote Hello, Dolly; Mame; La Cage aux Folles, and several other major shows. And he was far more popular, even with the general public, than some piss-ant drummer from an insignificant rock group. But even then, I didn't feel the need to break the news of his death on my local distance education forum.

    Just two days ago Buck Henry died. At least he was famous for Get Smart, Heaven Can Wait, The Graduate, and Saturday Night Live. And on the same day, Edd Byrnes, famous for 77 Sunset Strip and "Kooky, lend me your comb," also died. You didn't hear me broadcasting those deaths on this forum. 'Cause I didn't give a crap about them either.

    Now, if death happens to be your thing, you can find out about all of the significant ones at But I guess that some of you would rather waste bandwidth on DegreeInfo by making irrelevant pronouncements about people that most of us don't give a shit about anyway.

    So frankly, I'm glad that Neil Peart died. And now he's dead. Dead, dead, dead!!! And I laugh. I laugh again. And again and again. Because, hey, I'm that kind of guy.

    And like I said, Neil who? :D
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    Not a big deal you never heard of Neil’s just not your thing.

    The Off Topic Discussion area is for items like this.

    I personally do not care of what some is reading, any theatre issues, Don Imus, politics....

    But in some shape or form, it is important to some,.....which is fine, I still read the post.
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    That's fair. Moreover, when normal, reasonably well adjusted people have been posting to a forum for a long time, they get to know one another and want to share things that matter to them, even beyond the focus of that particular forum. It's a good sign for us that "off topic" is the second most active category, not a bad one.

    It's sad if someone has a personality disorder that prevents them from appreciating that aspect of this community, and even motivates them to undermine it, but that's life, I suppose.
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    Yes, His lyrics had a lot of political and freedom tones to them. But nothing so overpowering that is distracted from the message or the music, they made you think and contemplate about the situation.

    An example of a song is named: Manhattan Project
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    The creative communities of the world took a moment of silence and mourned.
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