Royal Roads U. Mini Credentials - Maxi Prices

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    I'll start by saying that Royal Roads University (Victoria BC) is a good Canadian school - and no, that is definitely not an oxymoron. This Uni has long-established cred. Formerly Royal Roads Military College - established as a Public Applied Research University in 1995.

    They're now "in" with the online mini-credential crowd. But the prices! A four-week course is about $1,000. At least one goes for $3,200. I believe they're all certs - saw nothing about academic credit. Click on the pic of any one you're interested in - and get full details, cost, dates etc.

    For our many esteemed high-rollers, here it is:
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    When I lived in Ontario, I checked in on Royal Roads every few years to see if they offered any interesting online programs. They're a big fan of on-campus and hybrid programs, which never worked for me. Looks like they now offer 5 Master's programs online, compared to their 23 hybrid and on-campus degrees (to say nothing of all the Graduate Certificates they offer!) Glad to see it.
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