RN to BSN with unaccredited ADN?

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    I am completing an unaccredited ADN which will allow me to sit for the NCLEX for RN licensure in Florida.

    Is anyone aware of a good RN to BSN online option where an unaccredited ADN is not problematic?
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    Are you sure that it's completely unaccredited and not accredited by, say, Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools?
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    Hi, yes, the school is not accredited but is approved in Florida. I chose the program as a cost effective LPN to RN option.
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    This kind of thing begs for going beyond what some catalogue says and actually engaging school officials in a conversation. You'd be surprised what can be negotiated beyond what the school's catalogue, literature, website, and regulations state.

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  6. StevenKing

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    You’re right…

    I had a good conversation with a rep from the University of Texas at Arlington. Good program and fulfills what I need.

    For other ADN’s who might stumble here:

    – Earn your BSN in as little 9-13 months, 35 upper division nursing courses for $8,995
    • An active, unencumbered RN license from the United States
    • 2.25 Grade Point Average (GPA) in all required general courses completed
    RN/MSN (Administration or Education) – Earn your BSN and MSN for only $19,500
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    Various accredited universities provide credit based on the passing of the NCLEX-RN and not the transfer of credit from unaccredited nursing schools. Thomas Edison State University will transcript a number of courses for a fee: Thomas Edison State University - The Office of Professional Learning Reviews (tesu.edu)

    These courses are then used to satisfy some requirements for obtaining an accredited BSN. The key is to pass the NCLEX-RN and obtain a license as a Registered Nurse in your State.
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