Risk Taking And Participation In A Reality Show .

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    Crashing anybody's party is the height of rudeness, and it indicates a total lack of class. However what Michaele and Tareq Salahi did by crashing into President Obama’s first state dinner is a good indicator of what is wrong with our society.
    Ours has become a society that condones and praises any type of fame irrespective of how that fame is achieved. My grand father used to call it a dog eat dog affair where any semblance of morals are thrown away to the backside all in the craze for publicity. That cancerous rot for fame and fortune.
    May be if we will stop condoning this cancerous rot for fame and anticipated fortune, I am sure the likes of Michaele and Tareq Salahi , sociopath, egomaniacal parents like Richard and Mayumi Heene and emotionally unstable killers like Ryan Jenkins, may not have any reason to ever think of doing the unthinkable.
    However, when it comes to breaching presidential security, if that is what one will call the actions of the Sahilis, this is not the first time that individuals have tried to breach presidential security. Remember the “Handshake Man”? Richard Weaver, a self-proclaimed Christian minister from California who tried to breach presidential security of President George W. Bush's 2001 inauguration. He got so close to President Bush and even shook Bush's hand, repeating a stunt he pulled off at President Bill Clinton's 1997 inauguration. However, Richard Weaver was not looking for a reality show slot or even the need for an instant fame and fortune as the Sahilis or even the Heenes.
    You know the white House is not like your everyday place. I was thinking that this place should have watertight security. So it is a thing of shock for us the common citizen to hear that an individual sneaked into this place without being caught. The inability of the secret service to know that the Sahilis are not supposed to be there tells the ordinary taxpayer that something is wrong with the agency. This is the highest failure for the secret service. Is it right to say that in the midst of security is insecurity? The ability of these crashers to come close to our president and to our sit of power is so scary and says billions about what is wrong with our president’s security. This actually becomes mind boggling when one learns that president Obama is the first ever president to have had the highest number of threats to his life more than any other president in our history. If one of these two charmers were psychotic, and went after somebody important with this presidential party, we would have been hearing a different story now. In addition, one wonders if race has anything to do in this scenario. If the Salahis were not of a certain ethnicity would they have gone as far as they did to come closer to our respected corridor of power? The question is for you to answer.
    Kennedy Kelechi Halams
    Kelechi is a professor of International Business at Baker College Flint Michigan.
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    Ok, I follow politics. I follow a little of the pop-culture-gossip stuff. But, what IS the big deal about this? How did this even make the news? And more importantly, why does anyone care? I simply don't get it- maybe someone can explain it.
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    To include race into the security breach discussion, IMO seems a bit far fetch. Also White House itself erred, not just the secret service. They did not cooperate well enough with the secret service to provide them with the list of guests.
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    For the simple reason there was a breach of security involving the President and the Secret Service. Imagine if they had nefarious intentions instead of being mere publicity seekers for some reality television fantasy.

    Then again, in Canada, an intruder managed to get past the Royal Canadian Mounted Police who are responsible for protecting the Prime Minister. The intruder got all the way into their bedroom before the Prime Minister's wife confronted the intruder.

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