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  1. scubasteveiu

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    Question for the Board:
    Has anyone seen anything close to this program in a DL format? I recently bumped across this program at GWU and fell in love... the only issue - not DL.

    Thank you,

    Master of Forensic Science with a concentration in Security Management

    Required courses (12 credits):
    FORS 261: Security Management
    FORS 262: Risk Analysis and Loss Prevention
    FORS 264: Protection of Information Systems
    FORS 273: Research Methods for the Security Professional

    Concentration courses (15 credits):
    FORS 260: Security Case Law
    FORS 265: Ethics and Leadership
    FORS 266: Emergency Planning and Business Continuity
    FORS 267: Issues in Organizational Behavior
    FORS 284: Security Management Capstone Course

    Three additional courses must be chosen from the following (9 credits):
    FORS 259: Computer Related Law
    FORS 263: Issues in Crisis and Disaster Management
    FORS 268: Industrial Espionage and Corporate Privacy Issues
    FORS 269: Corporate Fraud
    FORS 270: Security Contracting with Federal and State Entities
    FORS 271: Forensic Psychology
    FORS 281: Forensic Accounting
    FORS 286: Personnel Security
    FORS 290: Selected Topics: Current Issues in Security Management
    FORS 295: Research
    FORS 298: Practicum
  2. Bruce

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    National University offers a Master of Forensic Sciences degree, available by mostly DL. I believe there is some required residency, but it's probably as close to DL as you're going to find for that type of program.
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  4. friendorfoe

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    To be honest I have been considering a graduate certificate in computer forensics...but haven't found one yet.

    I did look into forensics here in Texas and looked at those who already work in the field and their degrees....what I found?

    Medical majors

    Biology majors

    Accounting majors

    Computer majors...mostly programming...haven't seen a networking guy as of yet

    I've not yet met anyone with a foresnsics degree yet...
  5. oxpecker

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    I'd like a degree program that would teach me how to commit economic crimes. But none of these programs seems to fit my needs. Any other ideas?

    This may be one of the areas where the unaccredited schools have more expertise.
  6. antraeindubh

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    Degrees like Forensics seem too specialized unless you are already in the field, and don't want to work in anything else.

    Even a Masters in CJ seems like a time-waster unless you want to be trapped in low paying law enforcement work.

    For the same amount of effort there are many more degrees which will open more doors and are just as, if not more, interesting.
  7. John Bear

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    My friend Bernie Krause, with 'only' a Bachelor's degree, designed his own forensics PhD program with what was then Union Graduate School, now Union Institute and University. Took some local residential courses (at other schools), some DL courses (from other schools) plus lots of directed independent study focusing on his interest in forensic audiology. Very happy with the process and the degree.

    * His first bit of fame was when he replaced Pete Seeger in the Weavers; lots more since.
  8. scubasteveiu

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    A big thanks to all of you.

    FYI. The program at Utica is $800 a credit hour and requires two years experience in the field.

    The posted degree is a combination of network security, security management, org behavior and law. I suppose 'interest', just like beauty, is also in the eye of the beholder.

    As for the MS in CJ comment, there are people who make decisions based on more than money.
  9. japhy4529

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    National University - Masters in Forensic Science

    Two Areas of specialization - Criminalistics and Investigation.

    According to NU: "Students must have an undergraduate degree in a laboratory science in order to enroll in the Master of Forensic Sciences with a Specialization in Criminalistics." Anyone (with a Bachelor's) can apply for the Investigation AOS.

    It looks like the "FSC 662 Supervised Graduate Research Project" course requires a one meeting per week, however this could be online - I'm not sure.
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  10. antraeindubh

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    Gee, I wouldn't know anything about making decisions that were about "more than money." I've only spent the past two decades in law enforcement.

    But I'll be damned if I'm going to condemn my children to a life of poverty just because I want to play policeman into my 40s. If you haven't noticed we are in for a big economic disaster in this country and while the price of gas will double and tripple, the salaries of cops will never rise enough to keep up with the cost of living.

    Face it - the middle class in America is vanishing. I don't want to come out on the losing end. And if I can start kicking ass in the biz world, then maybe I can be part of the solution. God knows I haven't fixed a damn thing in the streets - it's worse than when I started, and I'm not getting any younger.

    Flame off...
  11. Bruce

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    I made very close to six figures last year, "playing policeman". :rolleyes:
  12. antraeindubh

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    I've made what some would call "a lot of money" in my field - but it also depends where you work - if you are down South - the pay for cops SUCKS and to make six figures you need to work 70 hours or more a week, have a skin pigmentation different than mine, or have sex with a politician - oddly enough, State cops make worse $$$ than many city and county cops in GA - which is why everyone who can goes federal or gets on a fed contract - I am in my late 30's and by working on a contract, I make more than most police chiefs in this state make - my feeling is that we are heading for an economic disaster in which six figures will be like earning in the mid 30s now. Actually my grandfather made six figures in the 1960s, after leaving the Bureau for Wall Street, and every single person my age that I know, who is not a cop, is making well into six figures - so it just isn't that much money anymore - and once the price of oil causes the consumer goods and services prices to REALLY start inflating, it's going to get real ugly, real fast. You think New Orleans is the only place you'll see mass riots and law enforcement unable to meet the challenge. Not to sound the alarm bells - but it's already unfolding. Does this post qualify me for a tin-foil hat? I guess we'll see in the months and years to come.
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