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  1. Rich Douglas

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    Perhaps an easy one and I'm just being lazy, but does anyone have anything that can show us what a typical DL course from a DEAC-accredited school looks like? An actual course would be ideal, but perhaps there is documentation available that describes it. Anything along these lines would be helpful.

    Ironically, I took the evaluators' course from DEAC, but I still don't have a feel for this. (I never served on an evaluation team and have conflicts of interest these days that would prevent it.)

    Anyway, thoughts, links, documents, and anything else welcome!
  2. siersema

    siersema Active Member

    Most schools seem not have public access to any course syllabus. If you put school name syllabus into a google search you may find some uploaded to sketchy sites. I see a few when looking at the images tab. Nothing I’d want to link to directly. You can also try the following google search. Syllabus Most aren’t there. One school I did see with a bit of info was Grantham’s old domain.
  3. siersema

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  4. Rachel83az

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    Penn Foster has been popular and around a long time. Surely a Google search will show course materials that have been... "shared" online.
  5. Dustin

    Dustin Well-Known Member

    Following! I checked a few schools and couldn't find any syllabi.

    I have the PDF course summaries from Quantic if that would help @Rich Douglas but they're not in syllabus format. If you're curious to see what someone learns in say, the Accounting course or marketing course, though, it might help.
  6. Jonathan Whatley

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